What's Been "H"appening 12/08/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
How is the world treating everyone this week?  I hope each and everyone of you do enjoy this holiday season.  Merry Christmas to all, and a happy New Year.
Anyway, I got up this morning to a bone chilling, teeth chattering 18 degrees outside.  Wow, is this ever an eye opener!  This cold air will certainly keep any one fully awake.  I dressed accordingly, snowmobile suit and thermal everything was included.
We had a hail and hearty group meet at Mickey D's this morning about 0845hrs.  I am sorry to say, that only lucky Larry Greco and yours truly were on their big ole ponies.  These Gold Wings can ride in any type of weather.  The rest of our hail and hearty rough riders were in 4 wheelers.  They consisted of Miss Kitty Levin with husband Cary and children Russell & Ben.
Also wimpy Les Chapman, Miss Beverly Markward, assist rep Ken Archibald, smiley John Francis, trusty Bruce Hirsch.  Our destination was the "Sandpiper" restaurant located on route 59 in West Chicago.
We were promptly seated at the long rectangular table, al la "The last Supper".  Alas, the coffee was being poured.  Let the socializing begin.  The camaraderie amongst this group was its finest hour.  All the huppen 'n hollarin and the kabitzing done at our table never seemed to end.
After we finished our vittles, it was only then, that our tummies were completely filled.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  So it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho, to the coral we go, were our ponies lay in wait.   The 4 wheel drivers all decided it was homeward bound.  Lucky Larry and this rep decided our ponies needed some exercise, after all, our ponies were parked in the coral all week with no riding done.
So, I took the lead and Larry did the sweep.  We headed west, way west, and then eventually circled in a northerly direction.  On or about ll30hrs, Larry had to break off and head for home so he could spend some quality time with his grand children.  Hurray for grandpa Larry.
I decided a little big more back road riding will do.  My pony was rarin' to go.  My, my, the bone chilling weather was sure impressive today. The only thing that got cold on me was my finger tips, but my pony was not complaining.  My wing, just kicked up and told me to put it in high gear and lets go, getty-up, lets rock and roll, and away we go!!
My scenic route took me way northwest towards the Belvedere area where I just had to stop and empty my bladder.  After that, it is homeward bound.  I finally arrived home about 1530hrs.  What a great day, with all the beautiful clear and bright sunny weather. The skies were completely blue.  In my travels, the total distance from start to finish was about 140 very safe miles.  Not many motorcycles out today, I wonder why!
Until next time we meet, lets be very cautious out there, some of the roads can be slippery and treacherous out there, weather you are traveling on 2 or 4 wheels.  My best wishes to you all on this holiday seasons.
Your unruly rep