What’s Been “H”appening November 12th, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

    It’s breakfast time again. The weather is just perfect for a mid November day. It starts in in the low 40’s and climbs to the low 50’s but the sun is shinning. There is of course a chill in the air but all in all, it’s a wonderful day.
    There is a good crowd at Mickey D’s this morning. The crowd consists of: Joel, Joe Hughes, Nancy, Cary, Mac, Chris, Kirsty, Kevin, Larry, and Greg. On four wheels were: George, Bob, Ken, and Analea. As you may know, I have not got to ride very much recently, so after pulling my bike safely out of her stable, she shook her head , saying “Lets’ go!” The ride was a little slow today, due to traffic and Freebird was biting at the bit, just waiting to race away. Sadly, we didn’t get the opportunity.
    Our dinning experience takes us to Pappa G’s in Elburn and the party mood is in full swing. The coffee is served and mopped up (ha, ha) and served again. Breakfast is piping hot and welcome. The chit chat was second to none as always.
    With our tummies filled it was time to move on. We decided to go to visit Racer Café in St. Charles. They provided us with quite a few raffle prizes for our Halloween Bash. It is a new shop in St. Charles. They sell motorcycle clothing and accessories. If you have not visited them, it is worth the trip. Check them out on my website. They are a fairly new store, only been there for one year. The guys are friendly and helpful and can order anything they don’t have in stock. They do not sell motorcycle, just accessories. Although we did not do a large mileage today, ( it was too cold) we all enjoyed our trip. They even put on coffee and do nuts for us!
All for now, Ride safe, Keep the shiny side up.