What's Been "H"appening 11/11/01
by Mike and Sue Hanus, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Sunday November 11th, the scheduled day for the annual McHenry Illinois Toys
For Tots Parade started out chilly (24 degrees on my back porch
thermometer).  Thanks to heated vests and gloves, this minor inconvenience
did not stop ten members of AGWA-IL Chapter H from meeting for breakfast  to
build up our strength before participating in the parade (actually, I think
we used it as an excuse to kill some time waiting for it to warm up!).

After breakfast, the hardy group rode up to McHenry, Illinois, stopping
enroute to purchase toys to donate and candy to toss to(at?) the kids lining
the parade route.  Rumor has it that one Chapter H member (who shall remain
nameless) left his candy in his bike overnight so it would freeze & be good
and hard for the parade!

As the day progressed it warmed up nicely.  By the time the parade was over
and we dropped off the toys, the heated gloves and vests were stowed in the

The turnout was good as almost two truckloads of toys were collected.  After
the parade everyone scattered to take advantage of the good weather or go
home to watch the Bears game (the only "downer" to the whole day).

Now it's on to the Chicago Toys For Tots Parade scheduled for Sunday,
December 2nd.  Check out their web page:


Ride Safe!

Mike & Sue Hanus
AGWA-IL Chapter H