What's Been "H"appening 11/04/01
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
     Hi all , how is everyone today?.  What a great day Sunday was.  The weather man cooperated with us to the fullest extent.  The sun was bright and crisp.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Motorcycle riding just does not get any better than this.  There were about 20 big ole ponies that show up.  All together about 24 of us were raring and ready to go.  After much discussion , it was decided to go to Waterman, Ill.  at the corners of U.S. 30 and Illinois route 23.  The name of the place was Tempo.  The assistant rep, Lloyd Tatman said he has not been there in many years.  I was once there about 10 years ago.  So off we galloped to the Tempo restaurant.  Because of our size in numbers, we decided to split up into two groups.  Lloyd lead one group and I lead the other, taking different and separate routes.  After we all satisfied our empty tummies with fine cuisine, it is off to our travels we go.  The majority of the group had other chores at home or elsewhere, or some place else to go.  Five of us decided a little more riding will do for the remainder of the day.  The casting of Fritz Goins, Steve and Cheryl Roberson and yours truly, were ready to move on.  I lead and Fritz took sweep with Steve and Cheryl in the middle.   (Steve does not have a cb yet).  We proceeded west bound on U.S. 30 to U.S. 52 and jogged northwest to Dixon, Ill, and picked up Ill route 26 into Polo, Ill.  It was then suggested by Fritz of a place in Iowa, were we could explore caves.  He mentioned it was about 25 miles west of the Illinois border off of route 64.  The town is called MAQUOKETA, Iowa.  None of us have been there before and Fritz said it would be fun and a good ride.  The caves are called Maquoketa Caves, just north of route 64 off of Iowa route 61.  We finally arrived about 75 minutes later.  Thanks to the good Lord and the weather man, it became a memorable trip.  So for about 40 or so minutes we did indeed explore some of the caves, the only regret, it was not enough time left.  It gets dark real quick this time of the year.  We did our fare share of walking and ducking in some of those caves, but adventurous nevertheless. On or about 1540 hours the decision was made to depart with great memories.  The distance from there to our houses was about 150 to 160 miles, about 3 and 1/2 hours of travel time.  Needless to say , it was pitch dark when we all arrived home safely.  All together we rode about 360 safe and joyous miles.  Another great day for the best chapter in AGWA.  We in chapter "H" know how to ride and have fun doing it.
Unfortunately, no pictures to show.  Our chapter photographer and writer Mike Hanus, was not able to attend. So until next time, lets be particularly careful out there, and keep the rubber side down and the shinny plastic side up.
Have a good day and a fine week all.

Dick Scalpone
AGWA-IL Chapter H