What's Been "H"appening 11/03/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
How is every one doing on this fine Sunday autumn day?  Wasn't today's weather just great?  I sure enjoyed it!!  Brisk, tingling and very clear in the a.m., with a certain bite in the refreshing air.  Awe, but  this fine Sunday, 3 Nov. 02, it was a wee bit chilly this morning, nonetheless, very refreshing.  The tempts were in the lower 30's, at the start of the day.  But alas, a few of the hail and hearty group of rough riders did show up to our weekly coral gathering for our big ole ponies to meet once again.
Our rough riders consisted of; Lucky Larry Greco, Jimbo Garner, jumpin' Joe Hughes, sergeant Russ Prichard, Doctor Cary Levinski, gentleman George Riebesehl, assistant rep Kenny Archibald and our new guest, Chris Stoffels, and of course, yours truly.   Chris, found out about our club on the internet, and decided to join us on the usual Sunday rides.  Incidentally, he just bought a brandy new 2003 GL1800, beautiful red motorcycle.  Folks, let me tell you, this is a real beauty.  The color just permeates all over the place.
We actually did have a great crew join us on this fine Sunday morning ride.  However, sadly to say, there were only three of us who rode our big ole ponies.  Lucky Larry, Chris and yours truly.  (I always thought that this was a riding club).
Our tummies were kicking up and our big ole ponies were yellin', "lets get going."  When our bikes are yelling, and our tummies growling, it must be time to get going, hi ho, hi ho, its off we go!!
I took the lead, lucky Larry had the sweep, Chris stayed in the middle.  I took many of the uncommonly used roads.  Did some zigging and zagging and followed the winding roads.  The rest of the crew in their four wheelers, just met us there.  Our destination was the VFW hall in Batavia, IL., just off route 25 and south of route 38.
The vittles were good, the camaraderie was at its best amongst our small group.  Our conversations and socializing just does not get any better than this.  Actually folks, there was no dancing done today.  Our dancing group decided to keep a low profile and a lay back attitude.  So be it!!  Incidentally, Jim & Kelly Lamontagna joined us at the VFW hall, and the socializing just got better.
Our departure was soon imminent, so its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, it's a riding we will go!!  Our ponies were parked in the coral, side by side, and  were yellin', "lets go, time's-a-waste'n", let's roll, and away we go!!
As we three saddled up, I took the lead, lucky Larry did the sweep and Chris stayed in the middle, wow--what a combo!!  So as the three amigos did promenade out of town, our destination was west and eventually changed our heading to the north.  By this time in the early afternoon, the temps were beginning to feel a lot colder, because the sun left and it became very overcast.  The cool crisp air had a nice tingling bite to it, nevertheless, we were all properly dressed for this chilly occasion.  Let no man call us wimps.  Larry & Chris are as tough as nails, these guys are real troopers.  I proud to ride with them.
One of our stops was one of ole Joel Gyurnek's  favorite stores, "Farm & Fleet".  See ole Joel what you missed by not showing up today!!  Anyway, I purchased some gloves and thermal socks and a insulated shirt jacket, great protection while you are riding a big ole Gold Wing.
Afterwards, the three of us met in the parking lot were our ponies lay in wait.  Chris, took off for home which was south and east.  Larry and I headed north and east to our home destination.  What a great day today was, the companionship, friendship and camaraderie just does not get any better than this.  Although, our travels did not exceed 115 total miles, this day will always stand out in my mind.  After all, we might have a new member join our motley group.
So until next time, lets be particularly careful out there.  Those four wheelers are forever lurking all around us.  Remember, eyes wide open with good common sense.  Everyone, take care, we will see you next week.

Your unruly rep,