What's Been "H"appening 10/28/01
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
What a great day Sunday was.  Mother nature, the weather man and the good Lord cooperated with us, for it was a fine riding day.  On this fine, but chilly and crisp sunny day, we all decided to go to Sycamore, Ill., to the pumpkin fest parade.  The group consisted of Bruce Hirsch, Larry Lucht, "lucky" Larry Greco,(he carries a horse shoe in the back of his pocket) Les Chapman (who rode is four wheeler cause it was too cool for him) Joe Gyurnek, (he has a four leaf clover tucked in his wallet)  Joel and Larry have a habit of winning all of the 50/50 ticket drawings.  Those two have won enough money to retire on in the last few years.  Mike Hanus, Leona Tatman, Jimbo Garner, and yours truly were also present.    We also had some guests, who joined us, Dave & Mary Geurkink.
We filled out tummies at the friendly restaurant in Sycamore, Ill.  After breakfast, some of us choose to stay and watch the parade, others choose to return home for some household duties.  Les, was the only one with a four wheeler, due to the wee bit chilly weather.  (wimpy, wimpy, wimpy).  Les is still heart broken over the agony of defeat at our annual chilly fest on 20 OCT 01.  He and Cary Levin lost to none other that Lloyd Tatman and yours truly for the northern Illinois championship horse shoe pitching contest.  In spite of what Mike Hanus said that there were no witness, there were many.  Brush Hirsch, Les's daughter and son in law were amongst the witnesses.  Les is still crying in his soup.  Tuff luck, wait till next year.  Cary scored most of his teams points anyway.
In any event, there were five brave and hearty souls who decided to venture on to a most enjoyable ride on this cool and windy Sunday afternoon.  Leona Tatman (she is tough as nails), Joel Gyurnek, our guests Dave and Mary Geurkink who are entertaining thoughts of joining our chapter (hopefully) and of course, yours truly.
I took the lead and Joel had the sweep, and westward ho we went.  We traveled west and eventually turned north.  Naturally, only the back roads will do.  Eventually passing through and around Belvidere and near Rockford, Ill.  Heading in a northerly direction to Clinton, Wis.  Eventually  our ride took us east and south towards Delavan and through Lake Geneva, Wis.
Of course, when a hail and hearty group rides like this for about 200 safe miles we had to stop and have some refreshments.  Does anyone care to guess as to what we stopped for?  Ice Cream, of course, at Ellison's restaurant in Hebron, Ill.  Afterwards, homeward bound we headed.  Poor Mary had to raise her hands and jump up and down for many potty stops.  The cool weather must have gotten to her.  Her husband,  Dave does not have a CB on his pony.  So hand signals from her will have to do.  Leona told her to wear "depends" and that will solve her potty problems.  hahah.  Leona is a real trooper, she stood the test of a long ride just like us fellas do.  Lloyd, Leona's husband, opted to go to Florida, for some scuba diving.  Lloyd, you are breaking our hearts.  I trust you had great weather.
Anyway, as we proceeded on U.S. 20 towards home, eventually all arrived safely home.  .  Wow, what a great day we all had.  Remember, rubber down, plastic side up, and lets be especially careful out there.

Dick Scalpone
AGWA-IL Chapter H