What's Been "H"appening 10/25/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Sunday was definitely the highlight of this past week.  Considering how overcast and rainy it was throughout the week, today was absolutely the best.  As everyone knows, our days are but a precious few for us rough riders of chapter H.  The cold and that 'white stuff' are soon to be upon us--yuk!!  Hence, our Sunday riding days maybe short lived for this season.  So lets all enjoy what great days that maybe here to come.  Gentlemen, feed your ponies and lets go riding, hi ho, hi ho.  And away we go.  Today is as good as it is going to get, especially at this time of the season for us mid-westerns.  So lets all get out and enjoy what the weatherman and the good Lord gave us.
We rough riders did rendezvoused at Mickey D's this fine bone chilling, eye opener, teeth chattering morning, which was a sharpe, crisp 42 degrees outside.  Alas, it will soon get into the mid 60's, because the sun is shinning with a bright blue beautiful sky.
The troops who had swagger did converge were; Fritz Goins riding ORANGE PEEL, gentleman George Riebesehl riding SILVER STREAK, sergeant Russ Prichard riding RED DEVIL, roven Robert Sample riding OLD TIMER, ole country Joel Gyurnek riding PURPLE MOUNTAIN (GL1500), lucky Larry Greco riding BLACK BEAUTY, doctor Cary Levin riding SEXY RED, Christine Irwin riding PRINCESS SAFIRE, sir Malcolm and daughter Kirsty Irwin riding in their four wheeler and yours truly on HUMPTY-DUMPTY.
Our selected place of fine dining cuisine was 'Country Junction" located near Hampshire, ILL.  I assumed the lead and ole country Joel did his usual fine job of sweeper.  The selected route was a lonely route, very little road kill so our ponies would have good footing with no slippies.  Due to the crisp, chilly temps, our ponies would not have to endure those nasty creepy bugs that have the tendency to put pot marks on their fairings and shields.  Hooray, yippee, one does not have to scrape off those critters today.  I insisted that the lonely roads will do, with many twists, curves, hills and dipsy-do's to make our ponies smile with delight as they were getting their much needed exercise.  Upon arrival, we all demounted our ponies and inserted them in the local corral for a small rest.  By now, our tummies were growling and howling.  Time's-a-waste'n, lets get inside and order them thar vittles so the socializing can commence.  Once seated, the java was poured and the kibitzing began.  Yesiree, we rough riders can socialize with the best--and that we did.  At last, our tummies were satisfied and we were all registering full on our tummy gauge scale. The rough riders of chapter H were at their best behavior, as always, it was impeccable.  Lets go, our ponies want more exercise, for today is simply too beautiful to be inside.  Our ponies had a full tank with some mighty fine octane boost.  So it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go!!  Only the "3 amigos" could join in on some fine back road country riding.  The rest of the rough riders has other places to attend to and chores to accomplish.
Only lucky Larry, gentleman George and yours truly made absolutely sure that our ponies would enjoy today. 
I took the lead, lucky Larry became the sweeper, and gentleman George was the "negotiator".  Our direction and route pointed us to the north and eventually we headed in a northwesterly direction through some mighty small towns.  The roads that I selected were so seldom used, that as we past through, around and over them, only the cob webs were blown about to fill the skies.  Eventually, we made our way into cheese land and headed for "Genoa City" off of county road B and H.  By this time, a pit stop became absolutely necessary, us old guys do not have the retaining power that we used to once possess.  After a little while of chit-chatting, we mounted our ponies and headed homeward bound.  Thereby, taking a southern and eastern route.  Let me tell you folks, we all had a great time, riding our ponies, socializing, seeing the changing of the fall colors, most of all, enjoying the great outdoors with all of the fresh air.  How sweet it is!!
All in all, we 3 amigos had managed to log 135 very safe miles on our ponies.  Unfortunately, due to the cool weather, there was NO ICE CREAM stop today. 
So until next week, lets all be particularly careful out there.  I insist, that everyone has an excellent week.

The unruly one,