What's Been "H"appening 10/21/01
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Howdy all, this is by our infamous leader sounding off.  On this fine Sunday morning on 21 OCT 01, we had a great turn out for our morning breakfast run.  On or about 20 gold wing riders from our club showed up, also we had the pleasure of accompanying guests attend.  Our new guests were Dave and Mary Geurkink, Fred McIntire, and George Riebesehl, who also may be considering joining our club.  Right now our membership is the largest in Illinois thus far.
We had to split the groups into two.  Les Chapman lead one group and yours truly lead the other group.  Our ultimate destination was the Machine Shed restaurant in Rockford, Ill.
Les's arrived their before my group did, however, we had more fun in getting there, because we took the long way, all back winding roads, throughout the western and northern suburbs.
We were so many, that we even had to split up the table set ups.  After much socializing and stuffing our tummies, a few of us decided to ramble on the Mt. Carroll, Ill, where there was this haunted house.  Only the bravest members accompanied me to "The Raven Haunted House".  They claimed to have no chain saws, no gore, just occasionally a real ghost or two.  The brave souls who dared to tag along were "Jumpin" Joe Hughes, "The Sergeant" Russ Prichard, "The Professor" Damien Shelton, "Lucky Larry" Larry Greco (Laarrr), of our current membership.  Also our guests David and Mary Geurkink, Fred McIntire, George Riebesehl and of course yours truly, "The Unruly Rep".
I, took the lead and followed U.S. 20 out of Rockford and jogged south bound on Ill route 2 towards Byron, Ill and slipped onto Ill route 72 heading in a westerly direction passing Forreston and Shannon, Ill. We picked up route 73 south bound into Lanark, Ill where we turned west onto Ill route 64 which took us right into Mr. Carroll, Ill.
As we arrived Mary took one look at that spooky place and began to have second thoughts.  By the way, she was the only female who came along.  I assured her, that it was all in fun and be sure to put her "depends" on.  Her husband Dave had to push her through the creaking door.  We were the second group to enter at our own risk, as we were informed (too late now).  The spooks were coming out in bunches that they.  Most of us jumped many times in spooksville.  After about 75 minutes or so, we finally made our way through "the house of horrors".  And to our surprise, none of us had to changed our clothes.  hahahaha.   A time we all enjoyed very much, that I might add.
The weatherman pleased us this afternoon.  It was mostly sunny and in the mid 60's.  What a great ride there and back.  We put on or about 255 very safe miles, and great time was had by all.  We all arrived home safely on or about 1830 hours.
Until next time, lets be VERY CAREFUL out there especially on the lonely back roads.  I, personally can attest to that.  As ole Larry said, the on coming truck missed me by less than a foot.  Safe riding everyone.

Dick Scalpone
AGWA-IL Chapter H