What's Been "H"appening 10/19/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Howdy All,
Today is the best day -- yet.  Today's weather is as good as it is going to get, as set forth by the rules of state director of Illinois, Mr. Russ Densmore.  Russ sure knows how to pick 'em.  Yes siree, today was a perfect day for our annual "Fall colors run". 
It started off this morning, a wee bit chilly, with temps in the low 50's, nonetheless, it would soon reach well into the mid 70's, with nothing but 100% sunshine and crystal clear skies.  The weatherman was sure looking out for us today.  Russ and his wife Wanda, had a talk with the good Lord today, and it sure worked out.
The attendees were well represented by all of the chapters in northern Illinois.  Naturally the state director who put on this lovely fall colors run was here with wife, also other Illinois chapter reps were in attendance, such as  Ron Schmitt from chapter G, Wayne Aten from chapter D and yours truly from chapter H. 
The people who supported the fall colors run were, Bill & Deb Naughton, Bob & Anita Lombardi, Chris & Meg Kasang all from chapter G. 
Chapter H was well represented by, trusty Bruce Hirsch on BULLDOG, roven Robert Sample on OLD TIMER, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette Brenton on BUMBLE BEE, cowboy Bob & Elaine Jans on SPITFIRE, dancin Dick & Betty Sieple on BIG BERTHA, Christine Irwin on JUBILANT PRINCESS, sir Malcolm Irwin on his new mount MR. LUCKY, incidentally their daughter Kirsty had her birthday today, congratulations -- she became a "teen-ager".  Professor Damien Shelton on GREEN BACKS with his daughter Rebecca, smiley John Francis with wife Linda and his brother, Fred Francis with wife Connie Francis.  Captain Kirk Huot riding RANGE RIDER followed by shifty Steve Roberson on his new mount WICKED WILLIE, with sweet pea Cheryl Roberson on her new mount REBEL ROUSER and of course yours truly.
Today our route took us through some mighty winding and twisting roads that also curved and tethered up and down hills near some of the most affluent suburbs in the area.  We had the opportunity of see the changing of leaves colors in all of its glory.  What a pretty site.  We also had the pleasure of viewing some very expensive homes to see how the wealthy live.  Many of the roads did present a challenge to some of us, because of the many hilly and curvature features as set down by the counties of Cook and Lake.  Most of these roads were chosen because the average speed was only 30-45 mph, for one's own viewing pleasure.  This is a fun route with vegetation quite beautiful at this time of the year. 
Alas, after 75 miles or so of traveling in the back woods, we all arrived safely at the ending point on the south side of Huntley, ILL. , at Culver's for an ice cream stop.  Our state director and his wife, did pick up the tab for some delicious and refreshing ice cream.  Wow--what a treat!!  Thank you Russ & Wanda.
A great time was had by all who attended.  There was even some from other motorcycle clubs who decided to join us for this annual event.
So until next week, lets be safe out there -- I insist.
Your unruly rep,