What's Been "H"appening 10/17/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Well Sunday morning was really an eye opener.  It was a bone chilling, teeth chattering 32 degrees when some of the rough riders met at Mickey D's this morning for our annual run to the spook house in Mt. Carroll, ILL.  The name of the haunted house in Mt. Carroll was called "The Raven's Grinn".  This house in many ways, was quite unique in its presentation of spooksville.
The rough riders that attended were; doctor Cary Levin, dancin Dick Sieple, Christine & sir Malcolm Irwin and their lovely daughter Kirsty, my son Vince, who loves the eerie ways of the undaunted thrills of getting scared, and yours truly.  But first, we must take care of our ponies with some mighty fine oats, hay and a upper crust of 93 octane boost.  Now we are set to go, hi ho, hi ho, it is off we shall travel for some mighty good vittles of our own. 
Our chosen place of fine dining cuisine was "Papa G's" in Elburn, ILL were the chow was bon appetit.  I assumed the lead and dancin Dick did a great job of sweeper.  Naturally, only the seldom used back roads would do to get us there.  Actually, because of this chilly cold weather, the bugs simply did not exist....  Yeah, no more scraping and chiseling these creatures off of our fairings and wind shields and causing our ponies to appear ugly.  Upon arrival, we were promptly seated at the rectangular table of choice.  Let the shenanigans commence.  Our socializing is at its finest on these Sunday morning chow rides.  What more could anyone ask for?  How sweet it is!!  The coffee was flowing and soon the chow arrived.  By now our tummies were growling and it was soon to be filled.  But alas, time's-a-waste'n, we must go, forward ho.
Our departure was soon imminent for it is the haunted house that is calling out for the rough riders of chapter H's annual pilgrimage. 
Unfortunately, only 3 of us rough riders continued on for Mt. Carroll, ILL.  The remainder had other chores to attend to, myself, son Vince and doctor Cary were of sound mind and chose to get spooked.  Our direction took us west, way west, and eventually turned us in a northerly direction.  Of course, I lead us on only the back roads were there was little or no road kill so our ponies' hoofs would not slip and maintain good traction.  One hundred and fifty minutes later we finally arrived.  Great times would soon be had by all who attended.  The crowds were gathering to purchase tickets for it is that time of year when the ghouls and goblins of Halloween would soon take its toll.  The thrill of a life time was soon to begin as we entered at our own risk of a house which would soon put the chills and thrills down our spine.  A personal guide was given by the head 'spookmaster' who put on quite a show with all of his gadgets that managed to get a few screams out of the younger attendees.  To no avail, the 3 of us rough riders managed to maintain our composure and held a steady hand with a strong stability.  To no one's surprise, we 3 had our 'depends' on so we did not embarrass ourselves.  Altogether, the spook tour took about 85 minutes to complete as we departed that eerie house of horrors.  Doctor Cary was shaking all over and could not lite his cigarette, my son Vince, broke out into a cold sweat with a reek of submission and I had to change clothes for the long ride home. 
By now, it was well past mid day, and the sun sets early these days, about 1800hrs.  There was no way that we would get home before sunset with a hundred miles of travel.  Us 3 amigos dressed warm for the long cold ride--yippee-- how refreshing was this going to be, yet--a real tear dripper.  We mounted our ponies, kick them in gear and it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go!!  No ice cream stop today, much too cold.  Upon our arrival of our casa's, the night set in as the ghost and ghouls and goblins were fresh in our minds of 'spook town' U.S.A. 
Of course, a great time was had by the 3 amigos who were now refreshed for the week ahead.  All in all, our travels took us to new heights, and a great passion and appreciation of Halloween nights.  We managed to travel a very safe 235 miles to the land of the 'unknown'.  Our ponies were absolutely delighted for all of the exercise that they received, and the pleasure was all of ours.
So until next week, lets all be especially careful out there, fore those 4 wheelers are forever lurking around us, with sometimes unforgiving drivers.
I, insist that everyone has an excellent week.  Remember, you heard it from me first.

The unruly one,