What's Been "H"appening 10/10/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi everyone,
Sunday's weather was what the doctor ordered for the annual 'Fall colors run'.  This is as good as it gets.  A true motorcyclist's delight.  The good Lord and the weatherman sure did cooperate with us today.  How sweet it is!!  The temps in the a.m. were a nippy eye opener, teeth chattering 48 degrees.  As the day continued, it would reach into the mid 60's with bright blue skies and a jubilant sun shine.
Today, we members from chapter H, D, & G gather at 'Old Country Buffet", in Streamwood, ILL off of Barrington road, for breakfast and for some great socializing.  The chit chat was absolutely at its finest.  There was several members present from all three chapters for this annual event.  Wayne Aten from chapter D had several members attend, Ron Schmitt from chapter G, also had many of his members attend.  And of course, Cary Levin from chapter H had a good crowd present. 
State director Russ Densmore and his wife Wanda were a gracious host and hostess for putting on this event.  The membership who attended from H were; sergeant Russ Prichard riding RED DEVIL, jumpin Joe Hughes riding ROSEBUD, (GL1500), gentleman George Riebesehl riding SILVER STREAK, ole country Joel Gyurnek riding B-B EYES (H-D Ultra Classic), crusty Gregg French riding SLOW POKE, lucky Larry Greco riding BLACK BEAUTY, thundering Mark and sweet Paulette Brenton riding BUMBLE BEE, Fritz & Carol Goins riding ORANGE PEEL, dancin Dick & Betty Sieple riding RED MAJESTIC, doctor Cary & Miss Kitty riding BLUE ANGEL (GL1500), Jimbo Garner riding MAROON BALLOON, Tony Guptaitis riding CAST-A-WAY, our special guest Tom Sarnowski from chapter D, and yours truly with wife JoAnn riding HUMPTY-DUMPTY. 
The state director Russ Densmore held a pre- drivers meeting before the first bike out.  He informed everyone that he specifically order this beautiful and gorgeous weather.  He indicated that we should all go out and enjoy this great day of riding.  See, I told everyone, that Russ has magical powers, that only a state director could possess.  I was informed by Wanda that there was at least 31 bikes with several double ups.  Great crowd!!
All in all, the route would cover and take us through many north and northwest suburbs.  What a beautiful route as it showed the colors of the trees and scrubs.  The vegetation was gorgeous and lush, as it had just rained a few days before this event.  The route took us through out some of the most affluent suburbs and demonstrates how the wealthy live.  The average speed was about 40 mph.  Some of the suburbs that we traveled through was Hanover Park, Streamwood, Elgin, Barrington Hills, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Cary, Crystal Lake, Bull Valley, McHenry and Woodstock.  Also, the counties that we covered were Cook, Lake and McHenry and to say the least, the scenery was terrific.
Today, we all gave our ponies a great work out with much needed exercise.  Our ponies were smelling the Roses after being cooped up in their corrals all week.  The route would cover approximately 65 miles of curvy and twisting roads.  We all left in small groups of six so there would be no traffic jams or traffic mishaps with our ponies. 
Our ending point was at 'Culver's restaurant's in Woodstock off of U.S. 14 just east of Illinois route 47.  Alas, the state director did have a pleasant surprise for us who finished the fall colors run, Russ's treat.  What else--ICE CREAM our favorite dish of Goldwing Riders.  The kibitzing and the shenanigans commenced all over again.  I tell ya, when these AGWA members get together, there is no telling what might occur.  Afterwards, the crowds started to disperse and headed for the wild blue yonder.
Our small group from chapter H did decide that more back road riding would become necessary, because the day was just too beautiful to go home.  The group consisted of Fritz & Carol, doctor Cary, Jimbo Garner, our special guest Tom Snarnowski and yours truly with wife JoAnn.  So it's off we go, hi ho, hi ho, ahoy matey lets ride. 
Fritz took the lead, Jimbo assumed the duties of sweeper and the rest of us were in the middle somewhere.  Our direction took us northwest, circumventing  our way north into cheese land were we tippy toed on all of the county roads of southern cheese land. By this time, our leader Fritz, indicated that he had no idea where we were, but that's okay.  Getting lost is part of traveling the back roads.  Who knows were we might end up.  Eventually, we stumbled on familiar ground and found direction.  After all, what fun is it if you can not get lost one or two times to make the day interesting.  Alas, a fuel stop was necessary for our ponies because they need nourishment for that get up and go!!
At this time, the day was well past mid afternoon and our direction took us south and east, homeward bound.  We members of chapter H sure know how to enjoy ourselves for an afternoon's delight.  All in all, our travels covered about 150 very safe miles.  It just does not get any better than this.  When you ride with chapter H, you ride with the best and a good time will always be had by all.  The riders of chapter H, are by far the best of the best.
So until next week, I insist that everyone has a great week.

The unruly one,