What's Been "H"appening 10/07/01
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi everyone, today was a great day for riding our ponies.  This morning on Sunday, 7 OCT 01, we hearty riders, again left from McDonald's for the Sunday morning breakfast run.  It started out with seven of us.  Al Bates left early and Larry Lucht rode with us for awhile but had elsewhere to go.  At the recommendation of Dick Sieple, we decided to go to the VFW hall in Batavia, Ill.  It was a buffet style, and quite filling.  The attending members where, Les Chapman, Dick Sieple, Gregg French, Joel Gyurnek and yours truly.
What a great day it was, mother nature sure cooperated with us with plenty of sunshine.  However, it was just a we bit chilly.  After breakfast, Dick and Gregg had to depart for homeward bound.  I guess their wives had big plans for those two.  WORK, WORK, AND MORE WORK FOR THEM.
As you would have guessed, only the three of us continued on.  Joel, Les and I, decided to go to and antique auto show located in Waterman, Ill.   The auto show was in Lions Park on the west end of town.  It was great.  Our auto guru, Lloyd Tatman could not attend.  He would have been drooling all over the place.  There were some great looking cars.
No pictures today because our photo man and story writer, Mike Hanus, did not show up.  This job was given to him by our membership.  Mike, we need pictures to view.  His wife Sue, keeps him real busy due to his recent retirement.
After about 2 1/2 hours or so, Les had to leave and spend some quality time with his son.  Shortly, thereafter Joel and I left and did a little more riding.  Our coarse took us due west to Dixon, Ill, where we picked up Illinois route 2 and road the west bank of the rock river.  When arriving through Oregon, Ill,  we had a major delay, due to a parade and a scarecrow fest.  But alas, Joe and I finally made it through town (we show much patience).  As we continued to roll along the west bank of the rock river, naturally we had to stop for some fuel and refreshments, in the Rockford area.  Joel and I continued homeward bound along U.S. ROUTE 20.  I decided to take some back roads, Cherry Valley road to Genoa road and into the city of Genoa, Ill.  Naturally, Joel and I had to explore some other back roads, sometimes I think we where just going in circles.  And just think, we did not get lost once.  How about that.  Jimbo Garner, would be proud of us.  Having racked up about 188 very safe miles and of course, mother nature's cooperated with us it was quite a very enjoyable day.  One that I wished would never end.  All good things much come to an end.

Until next week, be safe.

Dick Scalpone
AGWA-IL Chapter H