What's Been "H"appening 10/06/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi to all,
Well this morning Sunday 6 Oct 02, really was a very cool (about 53 degrees) outside with a heavy overcast, and the threat of rain.  But alas, a big group of hail and hearty rough riders did in fact show up at Mickey D's this morning.  It takes a lot more than a threat of rain and a cloud of dust to deter this bunch of rough riders.  No sirree!!  Chapter H likes to ride mostly in all kinds of weather.  To no avail, the weatherman helped us out, and the good Lord was really watching over us.  We did indeed dodged the bullet.
Our group consisted of; sergeant Russ Prichard, Kirk Huot, gentleman George Riebesehl, rov'n Robert Sample, jumpin' Joe Hughes, smiley John Francis, trusty Bruce Hirsch, lucky Larry Greco, professor Damien Shelton and his lovely daughter Rebecca, Dan Harris, Lloyd Tatman, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, and our guests, Tony Guptaitis, Dave & Susan Glasgow and yours truly.
The group decided that our destination of fine cuisine would be in Waterman, ILL at a place called "Tempo".  It is located at route 23 and U.S. 30 at the corner.
I took the lead and ole Joel had the sweep.  When you ride in this group, there is no such thing as a straight connecting route.  We of course, did take all the seldom used roads to our final destination of tummy stuffing.  I managed to find every road that twisted and turned every which way but loose.  Alas, this hearty group finally arrived with completely empty tummies.  Ole Joel had to depart, because he has some baby sitting to do back home.  However, not before he showed his famous "Gold Wing Shuffle" in the parking lot where we had parked all our ponies.  The crowd was really impressed, ole "swivel hips" was shaking all over the place.  Joel is very good as what he does.  One day his wife is going to see that.  Not to be out done, gentleman George did his rendition of the "Charleston", very good for an old guy.  Smiley John would not take a back seat to this one without his rendition of the "twist and moon walk".  If Linda could see this--shocksville!!  Jumpin' Joe just had to do the "shake, rattle & roll".  This group is the best dancing group in AGWA.  These four guys really know how to put on a show.  Folks, I saved the best for last, lucky Larry did his showmanship of "break dancing".  Wow--it just does not get any better than this.  Way to go Larry!!
Finally we were all able to get seated in the restaurant, the back room was given to us.  Let the socializing begin.  Please pour the coffee.
After we all filled our tummies and satisfied our hunger, our departure was soon imminent.
Dan, Tony and Lloyd went to the old car show in Waterman, ILL.  Everyone departed for home except, seven of us who decided more riding was necessary on what this great weather day provided for us.  The further west we traveled, the sunny it became.  The rough riders consisted of Lucky Larry, jumpin' Joe, sergeant Russ, gentleman George, rov'n Robert, smiley John and yours truly.
I took the lead and headed west on U.S. 30 to U.S. 52, then turned in a northwest direction, by now it was clear skis.  We headed into Dixon, IL. and stayed on U.S. 52 to Ill route 64 and continued west.  Our destination would finally end up on the western edge of Illinois.  We road through the Mississippi Palisades park along route 84.  After traveling all through the park and out the north exit, our destination was homeward bound.  Our travels took us north on route 84 to U.S. 20 in Elizabeth, ILL where we fuel and had some refreshments.  Our heading was east bound on U.S. 20 to Rockford, IL. where we headed off on Cherry Valley road towards Genoa, ILL.  Does anybody care to guess where our next stop was?  Give up!!  Okay, you where right--ice cream of course!!  Naturally, the socializing started all over again as we indulged in the wonderful white creamy stuff.  Actually, this is part of our ritual, otherwise we can not go home.  Alas, our big ole ponies were kicking up--yellin "lets go, it is time to roll."
As I lead the troops, our route took us along Ill route 72 east bound to U.S. 20, sergeant Russ had the sweep the whole time.  And a great job he did in keeping us all together once again.  Well folks, we were actually following the rain,  because all roads east bound were soaking wet.  Wow--did we every luck out.  It is called "dodging the bullet".  As we all eventually parted our way home in different direction, it was a most memorable day.  We traveled 290 glorious and safe miles.  In all my years of riding motorcycles, this group, without a doubt is the finest bunch of fellas that rep has ever ridden with.  It just does not get any better than this.  The cooperation and camaraderie of these rough riders is the finest that I have ever been associated with, in 30 years of riding.
Until next week, lets be very careful out there.  Lets keep the tires on the ground and the plastic side shinning in the sun.
Your unruly rep,