What's Been "H"appening 10/05/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
I thought at this time, that I would inform everyone about our annual "Chili Cook-off".  It started out this morning to be absolutely gorgeous outside.  There was 100% sunshine with a cool crisp chill in the air.  The temps were in the mid 50's, nonetheless, it was perfect weather.  This time the weatherman was looking out for us on this beautiful Sunday.  Eventually, by the end of the day, temps would be in the upper 60's.
There was only a had full of rough riders that rendezvoused at Mickey D's about 0900hrs.  They consisted of professor Damien Shelton, who was riding GREEN BACKS,  jumpin Joe Hughes, who was riding ROSEBUD, sergeant Russ Prichard on RED DEVIL, gentleman George Riebesehl on SILVER STREAK, iron Mike Matrich riding his brandy new Ultra Classic, trusty Bruce Hirsch on BULLDOG, Kurt Bonus on SMALL FRY. 
Professor Damien took the lead and sergeant Russ did the sweep.  It is off they go, hi ho, hi ho.  These guys decided to go for a nice long ride before joining us at the Chili cook off. 
Meanwhile, miss Kitty and doctor Cary Levin were gracious enough to play host and hostess to this great event.  Their back yard was adjacent to a hugh park.  It is there that the horse shoe pitching contest was to take place.
As the membership began arriving at their house, we were all busy setting things up for the hugh crowd waiting to arrive for this annual event.
Eventually, one by one began showing up.  The guests included, shifty Steve and sweet pea Cheryl Roberson on SILKY SMOOTH, our state director Russ Densmore and his lovely wife Wanda, also their son, Dave accompanied them.  And they kept on coming.  Eventually Mike Thomas arrived, followed by lucky Larry Greco and his wife Nancy, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette Brenton arrived riding BUMBLE BEE, also wimpy Lester Chapman and wife Beverly made their entrance. 
Our Chili makers were provided by none other than, Wanda Densmore, JoAnn Scalpone, Kitty Levin, and Beverly Chapman.
Folks let me say this, for those who did not show up, you missed a real treat.  The chili was absolutely at its finest.  It does not get any better than this.  How sweet it is!!  YEAH BABY!!
Naturally, a contest was in order.  Therefore, the categories to be selected by the rank and file were:  SPICIEST, MOST UNIQUE, BEST OVERALL.  After all the tasting was in, let the voting begin.  After the votes were tabulated, here are the winners!
SPICIEST -- went to miss Kitty
MOST UNIQUE -- went to Beverly
BEST OVERALL -- went to Wanda
Sweet Pea Cheryl received an honorary award of a Honda Mug and one oven mitt and pad holder.
The socializing was at its finest.  The chit chatting never stopped.  It was like none of us have not seen each other in years.
But alas, the horse shoe pitching contest must begin.
Wimpy Lester teamed up with lucky Larry against doctor Cary and Dave Densmore.  Lester and Larry got lucky, they just eked out a victory by a small margin.
My shooting partner was professor Damien.  We pounded out a victory over Kurt and shifty Steve.  By now it was past mid afternoon, and wimpy Les was already complaining about how late it was getting, and his bed time was soon approaching.  Eventually, the championship match was called off by Les, because he says it was too cool and the sun was starting to set.  We had plenty of day light and it was beautiful outside.  I and Damien personally thought that Les could not take another defeat in horse shoes.  He could not bear to go another year with a loss of this magnitude.  Especially the way Damien and I were zinging those horse shoes.  The way everyone sees it, Les & Larry, in their mind, felt that there was no way that they would beat us.  Trusty Bruce was the officiator for the midwest AGWA horse shoe pitching contest.  I believe trusty Bruce's last words to Les was, "you chicken".  And there you have it folks, the full and complete story of what actually took place.  No more huppen'n hollarin, no more shuck 'n jiven, just plain too much city dude living for Lester and Larry.
In essence, a great time was had by all.  This by far, was a great day and a great chili cook off event.  I can't wait until next year.  Maybe Les will practice  --  practice -- and practice more, so he can put up a good game.
Again, I along with the rest of the members who attended want to express our sincere thanks to Kitty & Cary for allowing us to have this wonderful event at their house.
So until next week, I insist that everyone has a great week.
Your unruly rep,