What's Been "H"appening 09/29/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
I thought that I would drop a little line on what took place on Sunday, 29 Sep 02.  The day started  off cloudy and very overcast and a wee bit cool.  None the less, still a decent outdoors man type day.  Little did we all know, as the day went on, the skies would open up and give us 100% sun shine, naturally it all came with warmer temperatures--hoorah!!
Our usual bunch of Sunday morning "rough riders" met at ole Mickey D's on that fine cool morning.  Our hail and hearty group consisted of; Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin and daughter Kirsty, Lloyd & Leona Tatman, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, rov'n Robert Sample, jungle Jim Lamontagna, wimpy Lester Chapman, Bev Markward, Miss Kitty Levin, doctor Cary Levin and their three children, Matt, Ben, and Russ; assistant rep Ken Archibald, trusty Bruce Hirsch, Kirk Huot, and yours truly.
Hi ho, hi ho, it is off we go to dine on fine cuisine at a nice place in Elgin, ILL.  We were all seated at a table that resembled the "Last Super", as the socializing and coffee drinking began.  Absolutely ole Joel, doctor Cary and jungle Jim were on there best behavior.  Kenny and I made sure of that.  We members of chapter H know how to socialize with the best of them.
After our fine cuisine, we all met at the coral where our big ole ponies were waiting for us for a fast get away.  Some of our members dispersed and had other things to do around their houses.  Doctor Cary & jungle Jim split for a swap meet in McHenry County Fair grounds.  Assist rep Joel, rov'n Robert and our guests Dave & Susan Glasgow, Kirk and myself all decided to point our ponies in a southwest direction and do some serious back road riding.  It's off we go, lets go as our big ole ponies yelled at us.
I took the lead and ole Joel did the sweep as the six of us headed out on this fine beautiful Sunday morning.  Our ultimate destination was "J.C. Whitney's" located in near LaSalle-Peru area just off of I 80.  Naturally, we did a lot of zigging and zagging and took the bending and twisty roads to get there.  On our way, we stopped at the "Starved Rock" area near Ottawa, ILL.
We also enjoyed a big display of arts and crafts in the newly remodeled lodge chalet.
Well time's-a-waste'n, lets getty-up and go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!  That is what ole Joel always says.  Our destination was J.C. Whitney's auto and motorcycle warehouse.  It is quite evident at this point when we arrived, our credit cards would soon be put to good use, and indeed it was.  After making our necessary purchases, our departure was soon imminent.
Our travels home took us through several small towns and many back roads and we approached civilization with much traffic--yak!  You may not believe this folks, we did NOT stop for ice cream--unbelievable!!  Instead, Kirk invited rov'n Robert, ole Joel and this rep to his house for some refreshments and socializing--how about that!!   We met his wife, Mary and he gave us the grand tour.....What a nice place.  Ole Joel and I offered to move in, Kirk graciously declined our offer.  I wonder why?
The weather just does not get any better than this.  We folks who live in northern Illinois sure appreciate the weatherman and the good Lord for cooperating with us on this fine afternoon of great riding.
So until next week, please lets be especially careful out there, okay..
Your unruly rep,