What's Been "H"appening 09/15/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
How is everyone doing today?  Wow what a great day it was today.  The weather was perfect from every sense of the word. This makes it the fifth Sunday in a row with beautiful weather.  It just does not get any better than this.  The weatherman and the good Lord was on our side today.  Us motorcyclist and outdoors man really appreciated this.  The weather was a cool crisp 62 degrees with overcast and some blue skies.  It was just a matter of time before the clouds disappeared and we had 100% sun shine.  It just does not get any better than this.
The chapter H rough riders met for breakfast at 0800hrs at Spring Garden restaurant so we could get a early start.  About 0900hrs we finished socializing and was ready to hit the road.  Our destination was "Chestnut Mountain" located about 20 minutes south of Galena, ILL.  Our ride would take us about 150 miles or about 3 hours or so to arrive there.
The happy crew consisted of; assist rep ole Joel Gyurnek, jumpin' Joe Hughes, gentleman George Riebesehl, sergeant Russ Prichard and his daughter-in-law, Geordia, rovin' Robert Sample, doctor Cary Levinski, smiley John Francis and his son, Lee Pepin, wimpy Lester Chapman and Beverly, jungle Jim Lamontagna, lucky Larry Greco, Luther Miller and yours truly.
It is off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!  Those big ole ponies were rarin' to go.  Ole Joel would say "getty-up" and lets go!
Lester took the lead and I was the sweeper.  Les took us on U.S. 20 west bound to ILL route 72 and continued west bound.  We rode about 45 miles to a small town of Byron, ILL.  It is there were we all stopped at a gas station for fuel and refreshments, also a potty break.  After doing our thing, we all gather around and did a little socializing.  Folks, it is there were the real shenanigans began.  Naturally ole Joel had everyone's attention and he began to do his now famous "Gold Wing shuffle".  Wow, does he know how to shake that thing.  "Swivel Hips" sure fits him.  Not to be out done, smiley John took center stage and did his rendition of the "Twist" and of course he had to demonstrate his now famous "Moon Walk".  He son Lee, was amazed how great his was.  Folks, I saved the best for last, jumpin' Joe did his swagger of "Shake, Rattle & Roll".  Jumpin' Joe got a standing ovation.  Way to go Joe!  Gentleman George, now jumped into the act, he did his version of the "Charleston".  George is retired now, and he goes way back in time.
This chapter H, of AGWA, has absolutely some of the best and finest dancers in the world.  And they are all very entertaining.
Enough is enough, we must go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go!  Our big ole ponies were kicking up the heels and yelling "lets go".
As we mounted our ponies, Les took the lead and I was the sweeper.  Our direction was ILL route 72 west bound.  As we approached the town of Forreston, ILL at route 72 and route 26 some of our members had to break off and head back for some much needed chores and other commitments at home.  Jumpin' Joe, sergeant Russ, gentleman George, Lucky Larry and rovin' Robert headed in reverse towards home.  We continued west on route 72 to route 73 then south bound to route 64 west bound to Lanark, ILL.  Our direction took us towards Savanna, ILL on the western edge of the state, where we picked up ILL route 84 and headed north bound.  Our travels took us along the Mississippi river to the "Mississippi Palasades" park.  I took the lead by then and ole Joel did the sweep and we swirled over and around the park, stopping long enough to see the pretty views from high up over looking the Mississippi river.  Our departure was soon imminent, as we headed north on route 84 to Hanover, ILL.  It is there were we took a small back route to "Chestnut Mountain Resort".  What great weather and a great time we all had.  We all took  rides on the sleds which took us down the hill at great speeds and about 250 meters in distance.  Some of us went on the sled rides several times.  Smiley John, was very hesitant about going on the sled ride.  Actually, smiley John had to be shamed into riding the sleds.  By this time, some little 8 year old gal inferred that he was a wimp if he did not ride the sleds, which did not bother smiley too much.  But this 85 year old man, who went on the sled several times, referred to smiley and a double wimp.  This was too much for smiley John to handle.  He huffed and puffed and got up the nerve and soon--he was traveling downwards at great speeds, to the likes of which one has never seen.  Lee said "that a way to go dad".  As smiley John finally appeared, he received a standing ovation from all of us and the 8 year old gal, and the 85 year old man.
After 80 minutes or so we finally departed for Galena, ILL.  I took the lead and Joel did the sweep.  What a quaint old town, Galena is, as we walked around.  We eventually stopped for a bit to eat at the Galena cafe.  Naturally, let the socializing begin.  Lester had to behave himself, because Beverly was there.  But doctor Cary and jungle Jim were at their finest hour.  It is a good thing their wives were not there.  Pow, right in the kisser.  Smiley John and ole Joel were on their best behavior.  Yeah, right!!
About this time of the day, our heading was for home.  It was about 1630hrs before we left.  Les took the lead and we headed for the great "Stagecoach trail" which is an old twisty and winding road throughout the back country of northern Illinois.  What a great scenic ride and view.  How could it possibly get better then this.
We finally reach U.S. 20 near Lena, ILL and took it east bound through Freeport and eventually through Rockford area.  At that point, the back roads kicked in, due to all the Sunday afternoon traffic.  Our travels were one beautiful, gorgeous day of 310 safe miles of driving.  What more could one ask for?
Until next week, lets be especially careful out there.  One more thing, do not forget about our annual Chili cook-off in Elburn, ILL.  Call me or Iron Mike Hanus for further details or e-mail us.
Everyone, have a wonderful week. The date is Sunday 22 Sep 02.
Your unruly rep,