What's Been "H"appening 09/08/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
Wow, can you believe it.  This is the fourth Sunday in a row with nothing but blue sky's and 100% sunshine.  The weatherman and the good Lord are sure on our side.  On this gorgeous Sunday, 8 Aug. 02, the rough riders of Chapter H gather at Mickey D's for camaraderie and great socializing.
Our motley crew consisted of; Dancin' Dick Sieple, Dan Harris, assist rep ole Joel Gyurnek, Mike Matrich, gentleman George Riebesehl, smiley John Francis, little Jose & Ann Delvalle, jungle Jim Lamontagna, Miss Kitty & Cary Levin, trusty Bruce Hirsch, Jimbo Garner, Dale Stewart, our new guest Tony Guptaitis, and yours truly.
So its away we go, hi ho, hi ho!!  Jimbo took the lead and trusty Bruce was the sweeper.  Our destination was a V.F.W. hall in Batavia, ILL, where we all dined on great cuisine.  We at chapter H know how to socialize with the best of them.  So bring on the coffee and food and let the socializing begin.
At the V.F.W. hall, there were about 30 or so senior citizens also enjoying fine dinning.  Well folks, what I am about to tell you actually happened.  After we all filled our empty tummies, trusty Bruce got up and asked for everyone's attention as he introduced ole Joel who was about to perform his now famous "Gold Wing Shuffle".  Was he ever entertaining, the seniors were thrilled with this new form of entertainment.  "Swivel Hips" put on a dance which was second to none.  Naturally, not to be out done, smiley John could not resist it any more.  He jumped up and demonstrated his latest version of the "Moon Walk".  Both Joel and John were shucken 'n jiven and whoopin' 'n hollarin', to the likes of which you never seen.  Dancin' Dick shot up and did his famous line dance to country and western music.  This is the most dancing chapter in the AGWA organization.  These guys know how to rock and put on some awesome entertainment.  The seniors were thrilled, and kept yelling MORE, MORE.
Finally, all good things must come to an end.  To no avail, as we stepped outside, our big ole ponies were just itching to do some country riding.  So its off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go.  The ones who joined me were, ole Joel, Dancin' Dick, gentleman George, smiley John, and yours truly.
I took the lead and ole Joel was the sweeper.  Our direction took us north and west as we were about to hit the unused back roads of the western and northern suburbs.  Our path took us over and around and over the best "dipsy-do" roads that I could find. Ole Joel kept yelling "Getty-up" ole wing.  Were we ever rollin', just stopping for refreshments and fuel.  As we worked our way towards to northwest, near Rockford, ILL area our ponies turned us in a different direction and headed southwest towards, Oregon, ILL were we visited the Indian statue of "Blackhawk" which took us south on ILL 2 along the Rock River.  After that, our journey took us north and we eventually headed east on ILL route 72 which took us into Genoa, ILL.  Does anyone care to guess where our next stop was?   Give up??  Okay, you are right again!!  Ice Cream of course!!  Naturally, while enjoying ice cream, more socializing was soon imminent.
After devouring our ice cream, it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!  What a day folks, it just does not get any better than this.  These weekends are just getting better and better for the outdoors men and us motorcyclist.  What more could anyone ask for?  Our travels took us on some mighty good roads and we did about 210 glorious, safe miles.
Until next time, lets be really careful out there, for our big ole ponies do not want any scratches on them.  Those scratches and dings are difficult to go away.  Lets keep them nice and shinny.  Okay!!

Your unruly rep,