What's Been "H"appening 09/07/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
What a great weather day it was today.  Skies were blue with 100% sunshine.  What more could motorcyclists ask for?  It just does not get any better than this.  I pray for weather like this, seven days a week.  If the good Lord would continue to submit great weather like this, I would go to church more often.  Most likely I would turn to theology.
As I arrived at Mickey D's this morning, it was about 70 degrees, and it was going to get better as we all were soon to find out.  The rough riders who rendezvoused this morning were, whispering Joe Mendoza, trusty Bruce Hirsch, shifty Steve Roberson, gentleman George Riebesehl, jumpin Joe Hughes, sergeant Russ Prichard, lucky Larry Greco, Kurt Bonus, dancin Dick Sieple, captain Kirk Huot, our guests Ken Kaya, Lorri Berthelot, wild Bill Lobianco, roven Robert Sample and yours truly.
Our choice of fine dining cuisine would be the "Machine Shed" in Rockford, ILL.  They serve some real fine vittles there, bon appetit!!
I took the lead, trusty Bruce road shot gun and sargent Russ was the sweeper.  Incidentally, Russ is finally back riding his motorcycle after a 12 week lay off due to his recent by-pass surgery.  Welcome Back sergeant Russ!!
The road that I chose was as squirrelly as ever.  No such thing as a straight line.  No siree, we at chapter H like those seldom used roads, with no road kill attached to the ground for added attraction.  The road that we used were way out in the boonies, not even the birds knew we were there.  They had many twists and turns, that banked every which way with plenty of dipsy-do's so that our attention was maximized.  Of course, our ponies were delighted with all of this great exercise that they were getting after being cooped up in their stables all week.  But first, we had to feed them some mighty good oats, hay and some fine 93 octane boost for a chaser.  Then they were all good to go!  Time's-a-waste'n, hee haw, lets go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go.
Our arrival was very timely, the place had more than half emptied out and we were promptly seated at two executive round tables, fit for the weary traveler--that's us.  After being seated, the coffee was poured and the shenanigans began.  The friendly chit chatting never stopped as some fine vittles were served.  Then the unimanagble happened, yep, gentleman George and jumpin Joe who are the head matriarchs were becoming mighty feisty.  They would not settle down, the poor waitresses were at wits end.  Some how or other, trusty Bruch, Captain Kirk and myself were able to maintain control of these two matriarchs and forced them to settle down.  I tell ya, can't take these two any where with out extreme supervision.  But nonetheless, a great time was had by all, by then the waitresses needed a break.
Alas, all good things must come to an end, our departure was soon imminent, so it is off we go.  Our ponies were parked in the local corral under the shaded tree for much comfort with no chance for sun stroke which kept them real cool.
Because this was one gorgeous day, more back road riding was necessary.  Only trusty Bruce, shifty Steve, Kurt Bonus, Ken & Lorri, wild Bill, roven Robert and yours truly were able to continue.  The rest opted to go home for some much needed chores.
I was chosen to lead the troops once again.  This time we traveled way west and even further north in the greater Illinois area.  Our travels took us through the small towns of Davis, Rock City, Dakota, passing the northern side of Freeport through a small town of Lena and eventually picked up the old "Stage coach Trail" which lead us into a small town of Warren, next to the Wisconsin border.  This stage coach trail has a very scenic view with many curves and hills for some fine riding.  Our ponies were truly delighted, and our riding skills were tested.  At this point, we were about 3 and a half hours from home and it was mid afternoon.  Our decision was to promenade back in a orderly fashion.  But first a pit stop became necessary and our ponies needed some fine 93 octane boost for our long ride home. 
I had the pleasure of riding with some mighty great company, we all had a great time.  How sweet it is!!  Yeah Baby!!  It is homeward bound we go, tally-ho, and away we go, ahoy matey, lets mount those ponies and burn some calories.  Our direction took us south on ILL route 78 to U.S. route 20 and east bound we headed.  After circumventing Rockford, ILL we veered off at Cherry Valley road and it is then that the back roads kick in once more.  We passed through the small towns of Kirkland, Genoa and Hampshire, seeking only the small roads with no road kill.  On the west end of Elgin, we picked up U.S. 20 once again and headed to our respective homes.  Wow--what a great time.  Motorcycle riding was absolutely at its finest hour.  All told, we managed to log 260 safe miles.
Lets all hope next week is equal to this week end, with 100% sunshine.  Until next week, lets be especially careful out there.
Your unruly rep,