What’s Been “H”appening September 1st, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
September Ice Cream Run

Last Run of Year

Well, the weather was still perfect for riding.. MacDonald’s parking lot contained a few bikes and we decided to go to an ice cream shop in Huntley. Cary set off in the lead. Of course we prefer that the lead bike has a working CB, so Mac took over the lead. We wandered through an excellent route. By the time we were riding route 20, Cary took off toward home. We continued on. It was getting kind of chilly by now and so it was suggested that we go to Culvers in stead so you could have a choice of hot or cold food. Everyone was in agreement. On reaching Culvers, we sat at a big ol’ table so we could chit chat. Sitting at the table were Trudy, Roy, Jim, Mac, Chris, Cary, Kirsty, and Matt. Half the table ate ice cream while the other half preferred to have hot food to warm their tummies. We sat around for quite a long time as we are a very sociable club!. Eventually, Culvers prepared to close, so we made our move. One nice thing, most of the riders managed to ride home together .

Till next time.