What's Been "H"appening 08/26/01
by Mike and Sue Hanus, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Chapter H got lucky once again.  We experienced torrential downpours on
Saturday, with the forecast telling us to expect more of the same for a good
part of Sunday.  However, thanks to the Chicago area's usual weather
unpredictability, the weather was clear and Sunny when nine members of
Chapter H met at Mc Donalds for the  regular Sunday ride.  The group was led
to breakfast in Fox Lake by Jim Garner.  After breakfast, the group split up
to pick up their various edible "contributions" for the annual chapter
picnic being held later that day.

This year Lloyd & Leona Tatman graciously opened up their house and hosted
the picnic - A BIG THANK YOU TO LLOYD & LEONA!  Starting at around noon,
Chapter H members began arriving, and by 1:30 the picnic was in full swing
with over 30 members in attendance.

The members enjoyed appetizers, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta & potato salad,
chocolate cake, cheese cake and too many other treats to mention.  I don't
think anyone went away hungry.

One of the highlights of the picnic was the newest member of Chapter H -
Russell Levin.  Russell is the brand new baby boy of Chapter H members Cary
& Kitty Levin.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed spoiling Russell & then handing
him back to his parents! :0)

Among many other interests, Lloyd and Leona are avid car collectors &
restorers.  Lloyd enjoyed quizzing everyone who showed up if they knew the
identity of his "mystery car".  After most people incorrectly guessed & gave
up, Lloyd divulged that it is an extremely rare 1953 Muntz convertible (old
timers will remember Muntz's main claim to fame in the 1950's was his line
of television sets!).

In an effort to try and work off some of the food, some members decided to
toss around a few horseshoes.  The highlight of this effort was Coffee
Dick's "double leaner" (check out the picture - it REALLY happened!).

If you didn't attend this year's event, don't miss it next year!

Ride Safe!

Mike & Sue Hanus
AGWA-IL Chapter H