What's Been "H"appening 08/25/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
What a great day it was today!!  Last Sunday, I thought that the weather was just beautiful, today was just as good, if not better.  Last week, I mentioned that I wish we could bottle up the beautiful day that we just had, well guess what?  It happened, a complete repeat of last week.  On this Sunday, 25 Aug. 02, was a complete match up of last Sunday.  Today was an outdoors man's delight and a motorcyclist dream come true.  It just does not get any better than this!!
Anyway, our rough riders met at Mickey D's about 0900hrs.  Our crew consisted of; slick Kenny Archibald, Paulette & Mark Brenton, sergeant Russ Prichard, smiley John Francis, Kirk Hout, trusty Bruce Hirsch, Cary Levin and his son Matt, jungle Jim Lamontagna, assist rep ole Joel Gyurnek, professor Damien Shelton, Steve & Cheryl Roberson, and guest Lee Pepin, who is John Francis's son, and of course, yours truly.  Wow, what a motley crew.
Well time's-a-waste'n, its get up and go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go.  We had our ponies all dressed up and clean as a whistle for our journey to the food kingdom.  Our place of choice and fine cuisine was the "Crystal Palace" in Crystal Lake, ILL.  Once we arrived, they seated us at the long rectangular table, a rendition of the "Last Supper".  So its socializing and coffee drinking we did, with the best of them.  'Cause, we at chapter H of AGWA, know how to eat and socialize.
After, filling our hungry tummies and departing the premises,  it's off we go, hi ho, hi ho!!  Our big ole ponies were sitting in the coral just waiting for us to mount them.  Trusty Bruce was blowing his "air horn", ole Joel was yellin' "getty-up" lets go!! For some odd reason, ole Joel still thinks he is an ole cowpoke just a "shucken 'n jiven" and doing his thing.  One thing is for sure, ole Joel is really behaving himself now a days.
Some of the rough riders had to get back home for some chores that needed attending to.  The rest of us just mounted our big "wings" and took off like General Custer at his last stand.
The ridding group consisted of:  smiley John and his son Lee, Cary and his son Matt, jungle Jim, ole Joel, professor Damien, Steve & Cheryl and of course yours truly.  Incidentally, before we departed the parking coral, ole Joel was demonstrating his famous "Gold Wing shuffle" for the ones who never seen it before, and surprised they were that he could swivel those hips like that.  After they, and not to be out done, smiley John showed everyone how to do the "Moon Walk".  His son Lee, had an astonishing look on his face, "wow dad you are great!!"
I took the lead and Joel had the sweep and we headed west on U.S. 14, soon there after the lonely back roads kick in.  We zigged and zagged through out the winding and twisting roads that were built especially for us Gold Wing riders. After twisting and turning every which way but lose, we found ourselves in southern Wisconsin.  Alas, I took the rough riders around Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  And a twisty road it was.  After that we headed for Powers Lake and circumvented it.  Ole Joel yelled out "over yonder" he wanted to go towards the Lake Geneva area.  It was over crowded, so we headed on the north side and eventually snaked around all of the traffic.  As we headed west bound on Wis. route 50, we took a side rustic road, which twisted and turned back and forth which also contained a lot of "dipsy-do" roads.  After that, we took the southern route around Lake Geneva which went up and down like a roller coaster ride.  Alas, our route took us south on ILL route 47 were we stopped in Hebron, ILL.  Does anyone care to guess what we stopped for?  Yep, you are right again--ice cream at "Ellison's" ice cream parlor.  Naturally, Cheryl was confused as ever, she did not know whether to eat ice cream or drink water, Steve set her straight.
The professor, Damien told us he has been doing too much "city dude living" and he had to get back into longer week end rides.  Awe yea, the camaraderie amongst us Gold Wing riders is at its finest.
After our ice cream break, its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, lets roll.  The shenanigans of ole Joel and smiley John were at its best today.  Those two could dance up a storm.
So its south bound on route 47 into Woodstock, IL. were we took more back roads that again were never straight.  Only the twisty and curly ones will do.  Some how or other, after much zigging and zagging we wound up on U.S. 20, near Hampshire, ILL.  East bound, here we come.  I took the rough riders on a real "dipsy-do" road that traveled like a roller coaster.  Most of us lost our stomachs on that one.  As we headed into the stretch and final turn of our weekly outing, our separation was soon imminent of each other.
No one wanted this day to end.  It was perfect in every sense of the word.  What more could anyone ask for?  I for one, would like to bottle up this day and open it up again for next weekend.
Naturally, all good things must come to an end.  The Good Lord and the weatherman sure did us proud today.
We traveled on or about 190 glorious and safe miles -- what a day!!
Until next week, lets be very careful out there, especially of those four wheelers.

Your unruly rep