What’s Been “H”appening August 20th, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H


What a great day for a picnic!  The weather was perfect!  The morning ride planned to go on a four hour ride before returning to picnic.  Unfortunately, Malcolm, Kirsty and I were unable to go on the ride due to Kirsty’s jet lag, having arrived home form her European trip just the night previously.  She was really happy to be back in time for the picnic.  We arrived at Joe and Donna’s house at !:00 pm precisely.  Firstly, we must say a big “Thank You”  to our generous hosts who The grills were heating up ready for a great feast and the pool was beautifully warm.  The grounds were perfect for a picnic with sun and shade available to suit all tastes.  There were a large number of club members there.  We gorged our faces on hot dogs, hamburgers, salad in all varieties,  meatballs, pies, cookies, fruit and soda.  Of course Chapter H is famous for being sociable and today was no exception.  The children spent the whole afternoon in the pool while the adults talked and after the picnic some of the club members managed to find time to swim also. 


Today was definitely a great time.  I am sure all who attended really enjoyed themselves.  If you missed it, we are sad for you.  You really missed a great event! 

Ride safe,

until next time,