What's Been "H"appening 08/19/01
by Mike and Sue Hanus, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Even though the skies threatened rain, seven members of Chapter H got
together for their regular Sunday 9AM ride.  After a hearty breakfast, three
members decided to defy the weather and head to LaSalle, Illinois to take in
what was rumored to be a pretty good car show.

After arriving in the LaSalle area, the "Three Musketeers", "Three
Cabelleros", or probably most appropriately, the "Three Stooges" decided
that as long as they were in the area, they would stop at J.C. Whitney to
check out if they just might have gotten any new "safety chrome" in.  As
luck would have it they did, and one of the Stooges left just a little bit
deeper in debt.

By this time, the skies had cleared & it was on to the car show.  We could
not believe our eyes - the entire four block stretch of the main street
through LaSalle was lined with cars on BOTH sides, as well as both sides of
three side streets!  It was announced that 243 cars had registered for the
show.  There were some cars there that I forgot they even made.  After
spending almost two hours at the show, it was clear that we should have
gotten there earlier to do it justice.

This show is a must for next year!

Ride Safe!

Mike & Sue Hanus
AGWA-IL Chapter H