What's Been "H"appening 08/18/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
How is everyone doing on this beautiful gorgeous day, Sunday, 18 Aug. 02?  Wow, it can not possibly get any better than this day, this weekend!!  Today, was an outdoors man's delight, a motorcyclist dream perfect weather at it's finest.  The Good Lord and the weatherman sure cooperated with us today.  What more could anyone ask for?
Our rough riders met at Mickey D's on this cool, very clear, crisp Sunday morning.  The temps were in the mid 60's and eventually wound up in the mid to upper 70's.
Our hail and hearty crew consisted of; trusty Bruce Hirsch, sergeant Russ Prichard, slick Kenny Arichabald, jungle Jim Lamontagna, Dale Stewart, jumpin' Joe Hughes, smiley John Francis, gentleman George Riebesehl, Kirk Huot, dancin' Dick Sieple, assist rep ole Joel Gyurnek, lucky Larry Greco, Charlie & Marla Mallett, our guests Craig & Trudy Hall and of course, yours truly.
Well,  its off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!  These big ole ponies are rarin' to go!!  As ole Joel would say "getty-up" (ole wing), I guess he is an ole cowpoke from way back (he listens to too much country & western music).
As we headed northwest towards Rockford area, its the "Machine Shed" for our choice of fine dinning and cuisine.  Naturally, only the back roads would eventually get us there in a timely fashion.  After arriving, we were promptly seated in a pre-selected place.  There were 17 of us rough riders, 8 sat at the round table--better known as "Knights of the Round table" and 9 of us were seated at the long rectangular table--better know as "The Last Supper".
Alas, let the socializing and the coffee drinking begin.  'Cause we folks at Chapter H know how to chow down and socialize with the best of them.  Yesterday, was Charlie Mallett's birthday.  I made sure that the waitresses knew about this, and low and behold, they brought Charlie a little cake with one candle on it, and sang "happy birthday" to him.  This event was at its finest hour.  So what do you think Charlie did?  Yep--your are right!!  He got up and stood on the chair and wiggled all around as they sang to him.  How about that!!  He was doing the "Gold Wing Shuffle".  (Ole Joel was giving him private lesson in the parking lot before we entered the building).  Even Marla, his wife, did not know he had it in him to "shake that thing".
Awe yes, the shenanigans of ole Joel and Charlie brought attention  to the whole place.  Naturally, after much socializing and filling our once empty tummies--its a ridin' we will go.
Some of the group departed for him and other locations, a smaller group, consisting of myself and Dale, Charlie & Marla, smiley John, Kirk, gentleman George took off in a northerly direction towards the great state of Wisconsin.
It's off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!  I led the group and Charlie was doing the sweep.  We traveled east first on U.S. 20 through Belvedere, and then headed north to Ill route 76 which took us north into Wisconsin.  At this point, Charlie & Marla and Dale departed from us and opted to head for home.  Our direction was a small town called "Clinton" and then headed east towards Darien and then eventually towards Lake Delaven.
We circumvented the southern route of Lake Delaven and then headed towards Lake Geneva.  It is there, that  we picked up Wis. 50 and headed east.  Just before entering the town of Lake Geneva, we took a small detour on an ole rustic road that winds and wraps around the north end of the lake.  This road was about 3 miles of twisting, winding and a dipsy-do road as one will ever want to see.  This will test your skills.  My riding partners of Kirk, John and George were all tired out!! (wimpy).  As we entered the over crowded town of Lake Geneva, our departure was soon imminent.  Taking a heading south, on Wis. route 120, we decided to travel along the southern route of the lake, were the roads go up and down and twists around.  Having done that, its homeward bound.  I led the rough riders on U.S. 14 and then to Ill route 23 south bound to Ill route 176 east bound.  After that, then the small squirrely  back rounds will do.  Even gentleman George says no more "city dude living" for me, I have to get back in the saddle again to handle this stuff.  Alas, after on or about 210 safe glorious and safe miles we made it home.  This is definitely the type of day that should never end, or at the very least, be held in check, and bottled up for every weekend through out the year.
So, until next time, lets everyone of us have a great week and a particularly fine weekend.  I love you all!!

Your unruly rep