What's Been "H"appening 08/17/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Today was a great day, weather wise.  Considering the last few days were very warm and very humid.  Today was as good as it gets, the weatherman sure cooperated with us today.  The humidity was down and the temps were quite moderate with 100% sunshine, it just does not get any better than this.  Yeah--baby!!
The rough riders met at Mickey D's this morning for our usual chit chatting and to pay homage to our weekly gathering for some fine socializing. 
Our crew consisted of; Dean & Miriam Gillman, fast Eddie Bowser, lucky Larry Greco, sergeant Russ Prichard, major Dan Harris, trusty Bruce Hirsch, gentleman George Riebesehl, rov'n Robert Sample, our newest member Bob Jans, doctor Cary Levin and of course, yours truly.
Today, we decided that our fine dining cuisine would take us to the "Crystal Palace" in Crystal Lake, ILL.  After we all settled down, its off we go, hi ho, hi ho.  And away we go!!
I took the lead, lucky Larry did the sweep and fast Eddie was riding shot gun.  As I yodeled to our gang, only the squirrelly roads will do.  Our ponies were just itching to ride and start a full gallop on the seldom used roads.  But first, we all had to feed our ponies some fine 93 octane proof vittles.  As we mounted our ponies, we engaged in a very long promenade route, that had more twists and turns than one could shake a stick at, nonetheless, it was very challenging.  Alas, our arrival was imminent.  Our gracious host sat us all at the oblong table for our socializing must begin.  Pour the coffee!!  Let the chit chatting commence.  Our tummies were growling, but not for long.  But next, the unthinkable happened, major Dan, who is one feisty Harley dude, decided to dance around the table--doing the hirky-jerk.  He usually gets that way when General Tony Guptaitis is not around to keep him in check.  It is a good thing trusty Bruce and I were there to try and control him.
Alas, when the shenanigans were done, our departure was soon imminent.  We all departed to the local corral were our ponies lay in wait.  Most of the troops had to depart for other commitments, after breakfast, but only a few decided more back road riding was necessary on this one fine beautiful day.  This day was not to be wasted.
Those who joined me for some great riding were, fast Eddie, lucky Larry, gentleman George, doctor Cary and this unruly rep.
I took the lead, lucky Larry did the sweep and fast Eddie road shot gun.  Away we go go, nothing rides like a wing, a Goldwing, the real motorcycle.  Our direction took us west, way west, then north way north up close to the cheese land border.  The back roads that I choose were as unused as ever.  No road kill was lying on our tracks.  We started out on U.S. 14 which lead us eventually to some fine back roads.  We eventually snaked our way north of Rockford, ILL and over further north and even further west.  Our direction took us through the small towns of Durand, Davis, Rock City, Dakota and past Freeport were we picked up the "Old Stagecoach Trail" heading for Galena.  Man o' man, our ponies were in motorcycle heaven, when we took the old Stagecoach trail, which was made for our ponies and their galloping ways.  This trail circumvented all around and traversed back and forth, up and down and every which way it could.  We managed to get as far as Warren, ILL were a pit and potty stop became necessary.  Our ponies were starving for some 93 octane boost.  Due to the time of the day--getting late by now, we all decided to start our trip back home.  At that point, we were about 3 to 4 hours from home.  Our route took us on ILL route 78 to U.S. 20 and east bound and down, it is homeward bound we go. 
All told, we all had a great traveling time.  We managed to log about 275 very safe miles.  Wow--what great travels we had.  How Sweet it is!!  And a good time was had by all.
I, personally can not wait until next week, if the weather is anything like today.  The Good Lord willing, we should all be here for a repeat performance.
Until next week, every one take care and have a particularly fine week.
Your unruly rep,