What's Been "H"appening 08/15/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Today, Sunday was as good as it gets.  The weatherman and the good Lord sure did cooperate with us motorcyclist today.  Weather wise, it just does not get any better than today.  This morning when I took off for our weekly rendezvoused at Mickey D's, it was a cool, crisp 61 degrees.  A real eye opener.  And it was only going to get nicer from this point forward.  As the day would wear on, it would get nicer and nicer.  How sweet it is!!
What a hail and hardy group of rough riders that met this morning.  That parking lot was filled from end to end.  Our entourage consisted of; lucky Larry Greco riding BLACK BEAUTY, doctor Cary Levin riding SEXY RED, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette Brenton riding BUMBLE BEE, Fritz & Carol Goins riding ORANGE PEEL, ole country Joel Gyurnek riding PURPLE MOUNTAIN (GL1500), fast Eddie Bowser riding SHOT GUN (GL1500), professor Damien Shelton & daughter Becky riding GREEN BACKS, gentleman George Riebesehl riding SILVER STREAK, jumpin Joe Hughes riding ROSEBUD (GL1500), sergeant Russ Prichard riding RED DEVIL,
dancin Dick Sieple riding RED MAJESTIC (new GL1800), whispering Joe Mendoza riding PRANCER, major Dan Harris riding BEATLE BOMB, shifty Steve Roberson riding WICKED WILLIE, sweet pea Cheryl Roberson riding HAWK EYE, and yours truly riding HUMPTY-DUMPTY.
After much debate, it was decided that our choice of fine dining cuisine would be at Gino's Den in Fox Lake, ILL. 
I plotted a course and took the lead, ole country Joel did his usual fine job of sweep.  But first, we must feed our ponies some real good octane boost.  Alas, our ponies finally would get the much needed exercise that they desired all week. 
My route took us north, way north and eventually started to jog in a westerly direction.  Naturally, I made sure that the route intended, would be good footing for our ponies hoofs so that there would be no clippies.  Our imminent arrival took us about 75 minutes.  Those back roads were mighty tantalizing, and not to be missed.  Upon arrival, we put our ponies in the corral by the shaded tree. Once entering the restaurant, we were quickly seated at the long rectangle table.  So let the shenanigans commence.  And did it ever, socializing was simply at its best.  Pour the java and lets all sip and slurp, this stuff is a real eye opener.  Alas, our vittles were served.  Yummy, yummy my tummy is sure satisfied. 
Time's-a-waste'n, too much shucken 'n jiven and huppen 'n hollarin and no more city dude living for us rough riders.  It is a riding we will go!!  Hi ho, hi ho, and away we go!!
Those who did join me on a much needed country road riding were; lucky Larry, doctor Cary, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette, Fritz & Carol, ole country Joel, fast Eddie, professor Damien and Becky, sergeant Russ, dancin' Dick, shifty Steve & sweet pea Cheryl.
I took the helm and ole country Joel portrayed the sweeper.  Our destination took us even further north with many squirrelly roads to follow.  It is into cheese land we traveled, circumventing Twin Lakes and Power Lake and needless to say, I managed to get us all lost, not once, but three times.  It is a good thing that fast Eddie had his GPS hooked up.  At least we found direction.  The great state of Wisconsin has many county roads and they go in every direction imaginable.  Using the sun and the time of the day, I tried to keep us going north and eventually west, with the assistance of a GPS, that mysterious event took place.  We went up to the small town of Burlington and eventually navigated our way back south into the bellowing town of Lake Geneva, Wis.  At this point, does anyone care to guess where our pit stop would be at??  Yep--you are ever so right.  ICE CREAM, what else.  Naturally, at this point, after much riding, this became a great refreshment break.  Besides, our ponies needed to take a breather and simmer down.  As we all slipped and slurped our delicious white creamy stuff, the kibitzing started all over again.  Only this time, I was misbehaving.  I admit it, I relentlessly picked on sweet Paulette.  But that is OKAY.  She managed to get even in her infinite wisdom.  Husband Mark, was too busy laughing his butt off, I am happy to report.
Enough of this, lets ride!!  Ole country Joel was twitching to rotate.  So be it, onward and forward.  Our departure of Lake Geneva was quickly noted by the natives.  Ho, ho, ho and bottle of rum, ahoy matey, lets ride for fun. 
Our direction took us south, back into Illinois and eventually picking up some small twisting, turning and hilly back roads.  This time I did not get lost, honest.  It is homeward bound.  Our rough riders managed to log on or about 160 very safe miles on this bright, beautify Sunday afternoon.
In all essence, these rough riders from chapter H are the best riding companions.  Our group had a glorious fun day, with mucho laughs.  Honestly, I can not wait until next week.  Because each week just keeps getting better and better with more fun than ever.
So until next week, I insist that everyone has a great week.  Lets all be especially careful out there, for those four wheelers are forever lurking around.

The unruly rep,