What's Been "H"appening 08/11/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
How is everyone doing today?  I sure hope everyone had a fine weekend.  The weather was sure perfect for any outside activity that one might have planned.
On this day, Sunday, the weather was just beautiful.  All motorcyclist could not ask for a better cruising day.  We at chapter know how to ride with the best.
On this gorgeous Sunday morning, our bunch of hearty rough riders met at Mickey D's for our weekly breakfast run.  The weatherman and the good Lord sure cooperated with us today.  It just does not get any better than this.
Our rough riders consisted of; Lucky Larry Greco, Lloyd & Leona Tatman, Lloyd Tatman, jr., Joe Mendoza, Dancin' Dick Sieple, jungle Jim Lamontagna, trusty Bruce Hirsch, gentleman George Riebesehl, Mike Matich, Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin with their lovely daughter Kirsty, Cary Levin and whose wife, Miss Kitty, just had a brandy new baby boy, Benjamin C. on 8 Aug.  Congratulations to the new parents of Benjamin C.  Also we had our newest member join us, John Francis and of course yours truly.
So its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, lets get those big ole ponies ready to go!!  We decided to dine in fine cuisine at "Papa G's" in Elburn, Illinois on route 47.  After we filled our empty tummies and socialized quite a bit, I guess it is time to ride into the wild blue yonder.
Everyone scattered in different directions, some went on home to do much needed chores and some went to the antique motorcycle show, while others did some back road ridin'.
There were four of us who decided to do some back road and country ridin'.  Gentleman George, Lucky Larry and our newest member John Francis and of course yours truly, decided to ride our big ole ponies.  These wings like to eat up the road and see the country sites.
I took the lead, and Lucky Larry did the sweep.  We headed south on Rt. 47 to Keslinger road and turned west bound to Harter road and south bound from their to U.S. 30 and continued west bound.  Eventually heading in a northwest direction to Dixon, Ill where we picked up route 2 and took it along side the Rock River through Black Hawk Trail into Oregon, Ill for fuel and refreshments.  But alas, time is a wasting and these wings want to get rollin', so its off we go, hi ho, hi ho.  Our next stop was "White Pines State Park".  After spending some time there to see the sites and walk around to stretch our legs.  Again, our ponies were calling us, "lets go".  Its off we go, heading west out of the park to Ill route 26 and eventually turning north to Freeport, Ill.
I just had to stop at the gas station that ole Joel Gyurnek and I stopped by last week to show my riding partners were ole Joel did his famous "Gold Wing Shuffle".  I even pointed to the exact same spot where he drew a crowd while he was shaking that thing.  That is where he picked up his new name "Swivel Hips" while he was dancin' to Country & Western music.  Ole Joel's reputation goes a long way.  Anyway, we fueled there and got some refreshments and decided to slither out.  So we head east on U.S. 20 towards Rockford, Ill and eventually through a small town call Marengo, Ill.  Does anyone care to guess what we stopped for?  Yep---your are right again, ICE CREAM.  What else!!
Just for the record, we Gold Wingers stopped along side route 20 to help a fellow motorcyclist in trouble.  His Harley was giving him some problems.  Larry loaned him a tool and I gave him some wire and fuses to get him going on his merry way.  The camaraderie amongst motorcyclists never ceases to amaze me.  Honda helping Harleys.  Wow, it just does not get any better than this.
In so doing, we managed to accumulate on or about 235 glorious safe miles today.  We were hoping that this day would never end.
So, until next time, lets be particularly careful out there.
Your unruly rep