What's Been "H"appening 08/10/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Wasn't this a great, big beautiful day??  The good Lord sure did shine upon us today.  It just does not get any better than this.  The weatherman, also did his part.  How sweet it is!!
Well, our rough riders merged at Mickey d's this morning, for what turned out to be 100% sunshine with big bright blue skies.
Our membership consisted of; captain Kirk Huot, assistant rep Ken Archibald, wild Bill LoBianco, gentleman George Riebesehl, trusty Bruce Hirsch, major Dan Harris, general Tony Guptaitis, smiley John Francis, fast Eddie Bowser, Kurt Bonus, and we had some special guests, Bob & Elaine Jans, and Mike & Colleen Dotson, and of course, yours truly.
Our destination was the Machine Shed in Rockford, ILL which was selected for our fine dining cuisine.  So it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go.  Yes siree, after fed our ponies some real fine 93 octane proof breakfast, they were ready to do some rompin' n' stompin.  Our ponies were cooped up in their stables all week long and needed plenty of exercise.  So we at chapter H decided to accommodate our ponies.
I took the lead, and the most direct route.  After arriving, we were promptly seated at the oblong table for some much needed socializing and nourishment.  The coffee was poured and the chit chatting began, wow did it ever.  After some great vittles, low and behold, the waitresses brought out a little birthday cake for one of our members.  Let the singing begin.  Smiley John did the unthinkable, he stood up on the chair and decided to do his version of the "twist", can that man wiggle.  Much cheers went out for his fine performance.  Our food was bon appetit to say the least.  Alas, all good things must come to an end.
After departing, we went out to the corral were our ponies lay in wait.  Some of the membership opted to go home for some much needed chores.  Myself, fast Eddie, gentleman George and our guests Bob & Elaine Jans decided more back road riding was indeed necessary. 
This day was simply too gorgeous not to exercise our ponies and see the sights.  AS we mounted our ponies, I took the lead and gentleman George did the sweep.  The direction that I was headed in, was north and east.  We eventually landed in our neighboring state to the north of us -- cheese land.  We took the lonely roads of county roads C, A, X, and whatever else our neighboring state would refer to them as.  We eventually circumvented Lake Delavan and headed towards Wadsworth on our way back.  Well folks, at this time, what do you suppose we stopped for?  Yep--you are right!!  ICE CREAM -- yeah baby.  Yummy, yummy -- this sure hits the spot.  Naturally, only more chit chatting will do.  Alas, we headed south towards home.  I took the lead and took only the squirrelly roads.  These roads zigged and zagged every which way but loose.  Our ponies hoofs were worn out on the sides from all the twisting and bending that we did.  We finally did promenade on route 47 which eventually lead us onto U.S. 20 and home ward bound we headed.  A great time was had by all.  All together we logged 210 very safe miles.  It just does not get any better than this.  The good Lord willing, we will be able to repeat this again next week.  The camaraderie amongst us is the greatest ever.
So until next week, lets be especially careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down.
Your unruly rep,