What's Been "H"appening 08/04/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,

Wow what a grand day it was, on this Sunday 4 Aug 02.  A little warm and overcast, but nonetheless, excellent motorcycling riding to say the least.  What more could anyone ask for?

The good Lord and the weatherman was on our side today!!

On this fine morning a real bunch of rough riders gather at Mickey D's for a breakfast run.  The rough riders consisted of; assistant rep Lloyd Tatman and his lovely wife Leona, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, Jimbo Garner, Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin and their daughter Kirsty, Dancin' Dick Sieple, Joe Mendoza, crusty Gregg French, jumpin' Joe Hughes, sergeant Russ Prichard, lucky Larry Greco, little Jose & Ana Delvalle, gentleman George Riebesehl, and of course, yours truly.

So its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, these big ole wings just want to eat up the road.  A place in Sandwich, Illinois was chosen to honor our presents, on RT. 34, called the "Golden Coin".

I took the lead and Jimbo became the sweeper, (that is a switch).  Naturally, we only traveled the roads that twisted, and bent and banked every which way through out the southwest suburbs.  Upon arrival, the restaurant greeted us hungry bunch of rough riders with open arms and promptly seated us like that of the "last supper".  We at chapter H know how to socialize and drink coffee with the best of them, and a fine time it was.  Those vittles sure tasted good on our empty tummies.  Alas, the socializing and eating finally had to end and departing the premises was imminent.

As all of us stood outside waiting to depart, Kirsty Irwin tried to explain some of her new computer games that she recently purchased.  I tried to pretend that I knew what she was talking about, but no cigar.  She knew I did not know beans about her new computer games.

Unfortunately, all of the rough riders had to return home for one reason or another.  And to think, the day was still young.  So, only myself and ole Joel Gyurnek,  did indeed, do some heavy duty traveling.  Our big ole ponies sure like to eat up the roads and get going, while the going is still good. So its off we go, ole Joel and I, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!

Ole Joel told me, that he was doing too much "city dude living" and he needed to get these big ole ponies rockin' once more.  I took the lead and he followed playing our country and western music to make this a memorable ride.  We took the western route of U.S. 34 to Mendota, Illinois and headed in a north west direction on U.S. 52 towards Dixon, Illinois.  As we twisted and jogged through the  town, we picked up Illinois route 26 and headed north towards Freeport, Illinois.  At that point, we decided a refreshment and fuel break was necessary.  How about that, no ice cream stop today.

In essence, Joel decided to show me (at our refreshment stop) how to do the "Gold Wing Shuffle".  It is reminiscent of the '85 Bear "Super Bowl Shuffle".  Ole Joel sure knows how to shake that thing.  Why we had a crowd all around us, just a whipping it up.  It is there, that he received the nick name "swivel hips".  That country and western music that I was playing sure gets Joel going.  (I wonder if his wife knows how good he really is?).  Well after entertaining the natives of Freeport, we eventually departed to our home base.  Traveling through Rockford on U.S. 20 east, we trickled off on Cherry Valley road just out side of Rockford.  Yep, back roads once again.  These back roads of the northwestern Illinois, know how to twist, bend and snake every which way, and were we ready for them.  Finally, we worked our way back to U.S. 20 and headed homeward bound.  Just think, not a single rain drop and the clouds cleared up as the day foraged onward.  Ole Joel, and I racked up on or about 235 good quality safe miles.  We troops at chapter H know how to have fun and ride with the best of them, after all, we own wings, what else.

Until next time folks, lets really be quite careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down, and everything will be all right. okay.

Your unruly rep,