What's Been "H"appening 08/03/01
by Mike and Sue Hanus, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

On Friday, August 3rd, seven AGWA-IL Chapter H members and two AGWA-IL
Chapter G members (Bruce & Gayla Hendon) rode to the world famous "Chick 'n
Dip" in Hampshire, IL for ice cream.  After devouring the ice cream, some of
the members decided to experience the annual "Coon Creek Country Festival"
in Hampshire.  Last year the festival featured a car show and an Elvis
impersonator.  Based on this information we arrived at the festival brimming
with the anticipation of seeing Elvis in his pink 56 Caddy - but alas, found
out that there was no car show and that Elvis had left the building.  Sigh -
maybe next year.

We left the festival and enjoyed the ride home under clear skies and a
beautiful full moon.

Ride Safe!

Mike & Sue Hanus
AGWA-IL Chapter H