What’s Been “H”appening July 30th, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H


Today was the perfect time to ride.  It was a little on the hot side but not unbearable.  Due to the expected temperatures it had been decided ahead of time that we would go no more than an hour from home.  As it turned out, our breakfast destination was Genoa.  We had not been there in some time, so it made for an interesting ride.  Mac led the ride and we weaved through some interesting roads.  We wanted to keep the speed up somewhat to keep the natural air conditioning working and he found some deserted roads that we could get a move along.


Our destination arrived as our tummies growled in anticipation and we all sat at the large banquet style table in the back room.  Sitting around the table were; Roy and Trudy, Ed, Mac and Chris with Kirsty, Cary, Ken and Analea, Bruce, Mike and Sue, Greg, Bill, and last but not least, Joe W.  The coffee was poured and the orders put in.  Everyone chatted as usual.  The table was obviously enjoying themselves.


All to soon the good food was gone and it was time to head off home.  Sadly only a couple of people could continue their ride, but eventually even they decided perhaps today was not the day so we all ended up going home.  Most of the riders rode back the same was we had come so we got to ride most of it together.  The day was fun. I had a great time. 

Until next time,

Keep the shiny side up!