What's Been "H"appening 07/28/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all, how is everyone doing today?
Well as everyone knows, yesterday was our annual poker run.  It was very successful, in spite of some of the bumps and hiccups that we might have encountered.
At this time, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated in this event, especially the volunteers who helped out.  From the bottom of my heart I sure appreciate your time and effort that everyone put into this event to help make it very successful.
For those who get the Daily Herald newspaper, there are two very nice articles about our event . The first appeared Sunday the 28th of July and the second on Monday the 29th of July. The were printed in the DuPage County papers only.
It is my greatest pleasure to pay tribute to those by name and position that they volunteered for.
The camaraderie between us made this a very smooth operation that went down well as could be expected.  Even though the weather was very humid and quite warm, we at chapter-H know how to get things accomplished.
Ole Joel Gyurnek, did an excellent job in setting up the route.  I know he put a great effort into this.  He probably ran the route 5 times to make sure is was full proof.  He and Lloyd Tatman, ran the route at 0500 Sunday morning to make especially sure there were no surprises for any of the motorcyclist.  Jimbo Garner also ran the route and tweaked it, just to make sure that everyone could fully understand it.  To our registration folks, that did a wonderful job in moving the lines as quickly as possible; Pat Ciston, Erin Jones, Iron Mike Hanus, Kathy Pak, Lori Gyurnek, Linda Freels and trusty Bruce Hirsh, I commend you for a job well done.  Incidentally, Pat also was responsible for all the paper work getting out on time.   Pat is the treasurer and responsible for the funds that were brought in for this event.  A praise to our cooks and servers who had to toil in the heat by the grill and at the same time fill out hungry tummies.  A job well done by Little Jose & Ana DelValle, Chuck & Melinda Piper, Crusty Gregg & Dotty French, and Bill LoBianco.  The folks who attended the check points, also did a commendable job at their stations; Steve & Cheryl Roberson, Carol & Fritz Goins, Mark & Paulette Brenton, Gary & Mary Ann Wustefeld.  The traffic and parking was handled very well by Lucky Larry Greco, (who was also responsible for obtaining the hot dogs and buns), Nathan Gyurnek, Mark Peckman, Bob Sample, mighty John Pak, jumpin' Joe Hughes, and sergeant Russ Prichard.  The set up at the park district was handled with great dexterity by our members of:  Pat Ciston, Jimbo Garner, Erin Jones, Mike Hanus, (who is the resident photo journalist and responsible for all those pictures taken), ole Joel Gyurnek and his son Nathan along with Grandson Brett .  Naturally, 50/50 was handled with ease by Miss Beverly Markward.  The auction table was handled by none other than Leona Tatman, Kathy Pak, Pat Ciston, Erin Jones and Carol Goins, and a great job they performed.  Kenny Archibald was responsible for obtaining the massive bags of ice and the grill for cooking.  He also provided the fans for the cooks to maintain their coolness.  Lester Chapman was responsible for obtaining the trimmings for the hot dogs and hamburgers.  Carol Goins also obtained more ice bags and provided much needed help in other areas when called upon.  Kelly Lamontagna whose artistry was wonderful in making up all of our signs.  Murph's Leathers provided us with all of the bottled water that we could drink.  Miss Kitty Levin who did sent out letters and e-mails to the Tribune and Daily Herald newspapers to get our event published.  Pat, Joel and Kenny were able to obtain the necessary tables needed for registration and at the end for proper set up.  Jimbo Garner,  did an excellent job as M/C for this event.  This job was made for him.  He did it with class and poise with excellent results.  Dawn Garner gave her assistance with set ups, registration and Dawn & Carrianne Garner provided help with Jimbo in passing out all of the gifts and awards.  Of course, let us not forget that gentleman George Riebesehl, did indeed volunteer to do the sweep at the end and pick up all of our AGWA signs.
Again, I certainly hope that I did not neglect to mention anyone who performed in helping put major event together.  If I did, I apologize.
I would like to take this time and personally thank our state director and his wife, Russ & Wanda Densmore for attending our annual event and also lending a hand.  They determined and processed  the poker card winners.
A special thanks goes out to a gal who came all the way from South Carolina on her brandy new GL1800 Trike.  I believe her comment was "This was a longest poker run that I have been on, about 900 miles".  None other than our president of American Gold Wing Association, Miss Dee Marett.  We at chapter H, sure appreciate her attendance, and we sure hope it was a memorable one.
To ALL, your efforts are much appreciated, and I sincerely thank each and everyone of you.

Your unruly Rep.