What's Been "H"appening 07/27/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Well as everyone knows, our annual poker run was a great success.  The weatherman held out for us, the good Lord cooperated with us and we had some decent weather.  A little warm and humid, a bit of overcast, nonetheless, quite acceptable weather.  We started out in Carol Stream at the corners of Army Trail road.  The route consisted of about 105 miles of good back road riding.  The ending point was at Medinah park district where all of the real shenanigans began.  Naturally, the food was great, and cooked to perfection.  Our cooks consisted of Jose & Ana Delvalle, wild Bill LoBianco, fast Eddie Bowser major Dan Harris and general Tony Guptaitis who did a great job behind the coals of the cook mister.  Those guys also participated in the helping hand of set ups at the park district.
Registration was handled by Pat Ciston, Erin Jones, captain Kirk Huot, trusty Bruce Hirsch, Kurt Bonus, JoAnn Scalpone, Lori Gyurnek, Debbie Pahlke, and Helen Priester.  Those people did a great job in keeping the lines moving as quickly as possible.
Pat Ciston was also responsible for getting out all of the correspondence pertaining to our poker run.  She also is the treasurer and handles all of our funds, great job well done.
Our state director Russ Densmore and his wife Wanda did an excellent job of score keepers and handled all the cards in determining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Excellent job!!
Assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, who actually put the route together, did a great job.  Many have told me that they really enjoyed this wild and squirrelly route.  Joel was also instrumental in setting up at the end, obtaining the tents and by enlarge, keeping me in line and under control.  No goldwing scuffle today.
Assistant rep Ken Archibald & his wife Analea, did a superior job in setting up at the end, getting the tables, grills and food and also coordinating all of the cooking and maintaining vigilance on our cooking procedures.  Ken also did allow us to use his power speakers (P.A. SYSTEM) for announcing  at the end of our poker run.
The others who did help at the end in setting up were, smiley John Francis, Ken & Analea, Robert Sample, and major Dan Harris and general Tony Guptaitis and Kurt Bonus.
Parking and traffic was handled very well by none other than, Fast Eddie Bowser, jumpin Joe Hughes, lucky Larry Greco, Rick Williams, gentleman George Riebesehl, doctor Cary Levin, and rovin Robert Sample.
Jumpin Joe also did perform one more very significant item along with Bob Ciston, they both did the sweep, a must at all poker runs and left nobody behind or lost.
To say the very least, 50/50 was handled by JoAnn Scalpone, Erin Jones and Nancy Greco who all did a fantastic job.  Also the auction table was handled by Pat, Nancy and JoAnn who made everything go smooth right down to the wire.
With a helping hand by Pat and yours truly, Kurt Bonus was doing the M/C for the first time.  With a little help, he sure did a great job.
We had only one vendor there, it was "Murph's Leathers".  They donated all of the water and set up a tent showing their wares.  They were also instrumental in bring in many riders from their club and establishment.  This chapter rep thanks them very much in their help and support of our charitable cause.
Our check points were covered by none other than very capable members who went out of their way of lending their assistance.  Shifty Steve & Sweet pea Cheryl Roberson, who also were responsible for obtaining the ice, were at the first check point.  They were accompanied by professor Damien Shelton and his wife Karen who were greatly responsible for obtaining donations and gifts from the dealers.  At the second check point was Dave Arnswald and Gary Wustefeld and his lovely wife Mary Ann.  These folks are seasoned veterans and know what must be done to make this a very successful and smooth going poker run.
To each and everyone of you, you guys did a wonderful job.  Your performance was impeccable.  The bottom line for all of your efforts, was all of these proceeds go to charity, regardless of the time of the year.  Another successful year with another job well done.
I love you all.
Your unruly rep