What's Been "H"appening 06/06/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
Today was probably as good as one could ask for, considering all of the rain and humidity that we been getting lately.  Nonetheless, a scrappy crew from chapter H did gather and Mickey D's this morning for a much needed ride.  The rough riders were rarin to go!!  Our ponies were properly fed and they wanted to do some heavy duty galloping while kicking up their hoofs.
Our membership consisted of major Dan Harris riding BEATLE BOMB, fast Eddie Bowser riding V65 MAGNUM, ole country Joel Gyurnek riding  his new mount (H-D Ultra Classic) B-B EYES, professor Damien Shelton and daughter Becky riding GREEN BACKS, Lorri Berthelot & Ken Kaya riding MIGHTY WING, gentleman George Riebesehl riding SILVER STREAK, jumpin Joe Hughes riding another new mount (BMW--1200LT) THE GREAT ONE, sergeant Russ Prichard riding RED DEVIL, smiley John Francis riding MAGNUM FORCE, lucky Larry Greco riding BLACK BEAUTY, roven Robert Sample riding OLD TIMER, and yours truly.
Today our chosen place for some fine dining cuisine was at "Papa G's" in Elburn, ILL.  Needless to say by now, our tummies were growling so loud that our ponies could hear them from a ten foot distance.  But alas, it's time to mount our ponies and ride, ride, ride to our chosen destination for some mighty fine vittles and dining pleasure.
I took the lead, fast Eddie road shot gun and ole country Joel did the sweep.  Our direction took us south and eventually turned our direction to the west by southwest until we reached our rendezvous point.  We put our ponies in the corral under the cool oak tree so they would not receive sun stroke and get too hot.  As gentleman George yelled out, "so be it, lets get seated and chow down".  I think he was hungry.  The coffee was poured and the socializing commenced.  Yes siree, the defiant swagger was definitely flowing from one end of our table to the other end.  By now smiley John was feeling a little feisty, he just had to show us his new foot work by doing his famous "moon walk" dance.  Smiley John has plenty of rhythm and moves.  He's got dance!!
After he settled down, vittles arrived and served, "bon appetit".  Our tummies were finally satisfied with much needed nourishment.  But alas, time's-a-waste'n, our ponies were screaming for some much needed exercise.  After all, they were cooped up in their respective corrals all week, with little or nothing to do. 
Most of the rough riders had to retrieve to their casa's, while the rest of us decided more back road riding would be essential to satisfy our ponies.  The one's who decided to join me were, fast Eddie, jumpin Joe, gentleman George, ole country Joel, lucky Larry and roven Robert. 
I selected the roads that were seldom used, because of little or no road kill for our ponies to slip on with their hoofs.  Our direction took us west, way west and eventually turned northwest and swung around to the north.  We stayed on Keslinger road to a small town of Malta, and continued into Rochelle, ILL.  In our travels, we zigged and zagged back and forth as the winds and roads lead us.  Eventually heading north on ILL 251 to Flagg Road and west bound pass a very small town of Aston just to the out skirts of Dixon, ILL.  Our direction took us north on Daysville road were we circumvented several small towns.  We did negotiate many curves and dipsy-do's and we promenaded around those squirrelly back roads.  We traversed as our direction took us straight north into the town of Byron, ILL passing the "smoke stacks" where we picked up route 72 and turned east bound.  Next, we passed through "Stillman Valley" and ventured onto an oblique side road which veered us towards the Rockford area.  It is forward ho we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go!!  Our direction took us east on U.S. 20 into Cherry Valley which is a very small town next to Rockford.  Heading in a southeast direction into Genoa.  By now our ponies were having fun and kicking up their hoofs and totally satisfied.  Incidentally, it was past mid afternoon, so what do you suppose we rough riders stopped for??  Give up?  Yep--you are right!!  ICE CREAM of course.  The local D.Q.  in Hampshire was just waiting for us.  Hee Haw--yippee--ice cream.  Yummy, Yummy my tummy is happy.  Besides that, our poor ponies needed a little breather of their own.  So we gave them a 25 minute rest while us rough riders did some chit-chatting and we slurped our delicious ice cream. 
Yes, these rough riders of chapter H our simply the best that there is.  It is a true pleasure to be part of this group and ride with the best.  It absolutely does not get any better than this.   How sweet it is!!  Goldwings galore!!
Overall, we managed to log about 175 very safe miles.  Folks, it is not always how far one rides, but who they ride with that makes it very enjoyable and fun.  The rough riders are simply the best.
So until next week.  Do not forget the "Ride for Kids" ride on Sunday, 18 July.  It starts in Northbrook, ILL in the All-State building complex, off of Sanders road.  Hope to see each and everyone of you there, because it is for a worth while cause.  And all of the kids will appreciate it.
Your unruly rep,