What's Been "H"appening 07/07/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
Wow, what a beautiful day it was today, Sunday 7 Jul 02.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside.  Not a cloud in the sky, nothing but blue.  The temperature was in the low 70's.  What more could any motorcyclist ask for?  It just does not get any better than this.
Our hail and hardy group met at Mickey D's this morning ready to go!!  We sure had a nice turn out of our chapter members.  We folks at chapter H know how to ride.  Some times we are known as the "Crusty Riders".
Our group consisted of; Iron Mike Hanus, Gentleman George Riebesehl, Dancin' Dick & Betty Sieple, Lucky Larry Greco, Sergeant Russ Prichard, Jumpin' Joe Hughes, Crusty Gregg French, Fast Eddie Bowser, Cary Levin, Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin with their lovely daughter Kirsty, Bruce Hirsch, Professor Damien Shelton, plus our two guests John Francis, and Dan Lentino and of course yours truly.  Actually my better half decided to show up today and check things out for her self.  She (Queenie) made her first ride this year.  So I told all the other members, lets be on our toes as to what we say and do!!  Naturally, I was on best behavior, to say the least.
So its off we go, we mounted our big ole ponies and headed for Elburn, Illinois to Papa G's, for some good vittles.
I took the lead and Bruce did the sweep, and there were many motorcycles in between.  As we headed out, naturally only the unused roads will do, as they twist, turn and bend in every which direction to our ultimate destination.
Our crusty group finally arrived with completely empty stomachs, which were growling by that time.  We were promptly seated and let the socializing began.  We folks at chapter H know how to socialize, we are the best, especially my Queenie, who is a social butterfly.
After our appetites were fulfilled, its a riding we well go.  Let no person say, we can't ride and socialized at the same time.  (CB's come in handy).
Some of the members had to return home for one reason or another.  However, the "Rough Riders" who continued on consisted of; Iron Mike, Gentleman George, Dancin' Dick & Betty, Sergeant Russ, Jumpin' Joe, Fast Eddie, Professor Damien and of course yours truly and his Queenie.
So gentleman, start your engines.  These big ole Wings like to eat up the road and put some mileage under their belt.  I took the lead and Iron Mike did the sweep.  We traveled south on Rt. 47 to U.S. 30 then west to U.S. 52 going through some small towns like Hinckley and Waterman.  As we continued west on U.S. 52, traveling towards Dixon for fuel, refreshments and stretching our legs and naturally a little more socializing.  Again,  we mounted our ponies and headed out for more back road riding.  Our travels took us north to rt. 64 and west to Lanark, Ill.  As I led  our rough riders north on Rt. 73 to Rt. 72 and then east through Shannon and Forreston, Illinois.  Yes sirree, we know how to eat up those road, no mickey mousing around with us rough riders.  We wingers continued east on Rt. 72 through Byron, Kingston and Genoa, its homeward bound we go.
At this point, does anyone care to guess what we DID NOT do at this point in our travels?   Give up?   Okay, we DID NOT stop for ice cream.  This has got to be a first!!  Even Iron Mike says no one will believe this.....   Well its true!!
By the time we all arrived home safe and sound, we chalked up about 225 glorious and safe miles.  The weatherman and the good Lord were very kind to all the motorcyclists today.  Everyone hated for this day to end.  Some how or other, all good things must come to an end.
So until next time, everyone, I mean everyone, lets be especially careful out there as we ride those big ole ponies.
Also, I wish everyone has a fine up coming week.
Your unruly Rep,