What’s Been “H”appening July 2nd, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H


For the first time in a long while, Sunday dawned dry and sunny.  Sadly, the skies still threatened rain, but you can only put off riding for so long, so with trepidation we pulled the bikes from the dusty spot in the garage.  They obviously haven’t had much use this year!  Once out on the driveway, rain spots threatened once more, but I was not going to be put off this time.  Riding time was here!  We set off toward McDonalds and the rain decided to blow over fast.  No rain by the time we arrived just ten minutes later.  Due to Wing Ding weekend, we were not expecting a large turnout.  I knew Trudy was still recovering from her surgery, so that would be two down on our normal count. 

        Only Ed, Mac, Chris and Joe W arrived on bikes.  Ken and Cary came in four wheels and Jim came on his bike but left before we had chance to arrange our breakfast trip.  The riders decided to go to The Bakery in Aurora.  We set out with Mac leading followed by Joe and Ed with Chris doing sweep.  Ken and Analea followed in the car.  Cary met up with Jim at Sandpipers which we all said was a winter breakfast place and not enough riding for us, so we agreed to go to different places.  We could meet up with Cary later to help him with moving the bike he had arranged to buy.  The weather turned perfect and we enjoyed meandering through the pretty roads. 


        Breakfast soon arrived and we filled our rumbling stomachs as full as we could.  The coffee poured and chit chat commenced.  Breakfast quickly ended and we rode back to see where Joe lived so we could go and help out later in the day with Cary’s move although we never got the call, so we all went home to continue with chores. 

        Just as we pulled into Oak Meadows subdivision, the roads were wet and slippery.  I radio to Mac, “We must have missed the rain,” then. . . BIG rain spots fell fast and furious, I laughed and radio back, “When will I keep my big mouth shut!”  And the rain stopped!

It was a good day.


Safe riding. 

Till next time.