What's Been "H"appening 06/23/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
Wasn't this a great day?  The sun was shinning, morning temps were in the low 70's, what more could anyone ask for?  On this Sunday 23 June 02, the weather just does not get any better than this.  The weather man and the good Lord sure cooperated with us motorcyclist today.
There was 20 plus big ole ponies that met at Mickey D's this morning.  Wow, what a crowd!!  We members of American Gold Wing Association know how to ride in big groups.  Jimbo Garner took the first group of hearty riders and I led the second group of powerful riders.
Our destination was "Dockers" restaurant in Fox Lake, Ill.
Our morning rough riders consisted of assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, Iron Mike Hanus, jumpin Joe Hughes, Lucky Larry Greco, sergeant Russ Prichard, Charlie & Marla Mallett, little Jose & Ana Delvalle, Sir Malcom & Christine Irwin with their lovely daughter, jungle Jim Lamontagna, Kirk Huot, Fritz & Carol Goins, Larry Lucht, Jimbo Garner, Mark & Paulette Brenton, and our newest guests, Craig & Trudy Hall.
Hi ho, its off we go, split into two groups as we head to one of our favorite good places to eat.  If its one thing we folks at chapter H know how to do, that is chow down.  As we arrived at our destination in Fox Lake, Ill, our tummies were really growling for some real good vittles this fine and beautiful Sunday morning.  But alas, our group was seated in the up stairs lounge so we all could be accommodated as a fine and hearty group of great eaters that we are indeed.
Well after many minutes of fine cruisine and great socialization, we gathered our most humble bodies and departed the restaurant.  I must say, ole Joel did behave himself today.  With our guidance, he saw the light.
Unfortunately, many of our members  had other things to do today, so most of them headed back home with other prescheduled events.
Needless to say, there were five of us who were willing to continue on our quest of some glorious back road riding.  Led by our trusty lead man, Jimbo Garner, myself, Iron Mike Hanus and Fritz & Carol Goins decided to move on and explore northern Illinois via the highway.  As you all should very well know, brother Fritz just bought a brandy new GL 1800 a few weeks ago.  Naturally, Jimbo, Mike and yours truly had to help Fritz & Carol break the new orange wing in.
So its off to ride we go, hi ho, hi ho!!  Jimbo took the lead and its north we go, hi ho, hi ho.  I was the sweeper.  We traveled over and around and through the Rockford area and eventually head further west towards the Freeport area which was about 100 miles from where we first started.  Let me tell you something, when Jimbo leads, we ride and ride and ride, none of this Mickey mouse stuff, no sirree!  After much twirling around and over the hilly roads and parks of the greater northern Illinois area, guess where we had to stop and get some freshmen's?  Ready, give up?  Okay, you guys figured it out -- ICE CREAM, what else?   Yummy, Yummy, my tummy is happy once again.
As the 5 of us sat down and had our refreshments as much socializing had to be done, as to the current situations and circumstances as necessary, all the issues were covered.  We all feel better now.
Alas, there is more riding to be done.  As we headed back home, the day was on the tale end of a very good afternoon.  What more could any one ask  for?  We in our travels, covered on or about 230 good quality safe miles.  How is that for quality riding?
Anyway, I just want to thank each and every one of you who showed up for this morning's breakfast run.  I am sure the camaraderie is always present when this brave and hearty crowd shows up.
Remember, lets be especially careful out there.  Keep your eyes peeled, and lets look over our shoulders for those four wheelers.
Until next week, behave, be safe, I love you all.
The unruly rep