What's Been "H"appening 06/09/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all, how is everyone doing today?
I thought that I would drop a note and inform everyone about the parade in which our chapter participated in at the annual Leaf River parade, on Sunday 9 June 02.
Wow, what a gorgeous day it was.  In the morning the temperature was about 70 degrees or so, the sun was shinning very bright and the air was clear and refreshing.
We chapter H members met at Mickey D's for a gathering.  There were 18 motorcycles rarin to go.  Our members included, Cary Levin, Iron Mike Hanus, Crusty Gregg French, Dancin Dick Sieple, Fast Eddie Bowser, Jimbo Garner, our guest Gentleman George Riebesehl, Kirk Huot, Malcom & Christine Irwin, our guest Tony Dalesandro, Bruce Hirsch, Bob Sample, Little Jose & Ana Delvalle, wimpy Lester Chapman, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, Professor Damien Shelton, Chris Brandl and of course yours truly.
Lester suggested we eat breakfast at a family restaurant in Genoa, Ill.  Jimbo Garner took the lead and Bruce was the sweeper.  After we arrived at the restaurant, the whole town became quiet when the cycles roared in.  Bruce was blowing his air horns upon arrival.  The management gave us the back room for us hungry dudes.  After all the tables were put together end to end, it appeared like the "Last Supper".  Anyhow, we at chapter H know how to eat and socialize with the best of them.  Of course, we always have a few rowdy members who like to hassle the poor waitress.  Ole Joel, Bruce, crusty Gregg, iron Mike and Cary were a little feisty, naturally yours truly managed to settle them down.  After filling our tummies our departure was soon imminent.  So its off we go on our big ole ponies. Jimbo led us to Wal-mart to purchase some red, white and blue decorations for our ponies.  Some of our membership had to return home for various reasons, but the ones who continued were:  Cary, Mike, Jimbo, George, Kirk, Tony D., Bruce, Bob, Jose & Ana, ole Joel, Damien, Lester  and yours truly.
After departing from Wal-Mart with our flags, Jimbo led all the way to Leaf River, Illinois.  Our chapter was paid 200 dollars for entering our motorcycles in the parade.  It was a good thing Lester informed us of this parade, and it was a pleasure doing it.
The parade started about 1400hrs and ended about 1530hrs.  Unfortunately, Kirk and I had to peel off before the paraded ended due to prior commitments at home.  I am sure a good time was had by all who entered.
Again, on Sunday, we had about 170 miles of good safe quality riding.  The weatherman and the good Lord sure cooperated with us on this fine Sunday.   It just doesn't get any better than this.
As always, lets be especially careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down and the plastic side up.
To All, I wish everyone a great week.

Your unruly rep,   Dick