What's Been "H"appening 06/03/01
by Mike and Sue Hanus, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

On Sundae (Sundae, get it?) June 3rd,  over forty members of AGWA Illinois attended their annual Ice Cream Run.  Naturally, before you can have ice cream, you have to eat, so most folks met for breakfast first.  Needing to "ride off" breakfast, the attendees broke into four groups for the run.  The four groups did not all follow the same route; the only "requirement" was that we all meet at the end point (ice cream at Culver's near Rockford, IL).  After meeting for ice cream, it was amazing how all great minds think alike, as most groups followed a route that eventually followed the Rock River.

A 50/50 was held which was one by Joel Gyurnek of Chapter H (Joel seems to win a lot of 50/50s - maybe we should ask him to buy our Lotto tickets!).

After the 50/50, some folks continued on to explore the area around the nuclear power plant in Byron, IL (can't wait to hear about that - I'm sure we'll have some "glowing" descriptions).

Ride Safe!

Mike & Sue Hanus
AGWA-IL Chapter H