What's Been "H"appening 06/02/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi everyone,
     What a good day it was today.  It wee bit cool and overcast, but none the less, excellent riding weather.  We folks of chapter H know how to ride during all kinds of weather, rain or shine.  We definitely prefer shine.  Our usual Sunday morning meeting place was packed with good ole gold wings.  We were fortunate enough to have a guest join us on his new 1100 Shadow.  That would be Tony Dalesandro.  He learned that you must be ready to ride with a full tank and a CB radio.
Among the membership that joined us were, assistant rep ole Joel Gyurnek, Bob Sample, Les Chapman, Jimbo Garner, Professor Damien Shelton, Jim Lamontagna, Cary Levin, Bruce Hirsch, Larry Lucht, Lucky Larry Greco, Dick and his lovely wife Betty Sieple, Ken Archibald, and of course yours truly.  Sergeant Russ Prichard did join us, however, he had some electrical problems with his big ole pony, so he opted to go home.
So its off we all traveled to Sandwich, Ill.  about 40 or so miles southwest of good ole Mickey D's.
I took the lead and away we go with our big ole ponies heading to the Golden Arch restaurant in Sandwich.  Naturally we took only the back roads to arrive there.  Once there, it took only a few minutes to get seated with our good size crowd.  Once seated our usual socializing began, hot and heavy.  The big rumor going around was Fritz Goins just purchased a brandy new GL1800 the day before from Des Plaines Honda, which held its annual customer appreciation day.  It was also suggested that Fritz's wife Carol, gave him the okay to proceed with this major purchase.  Congratulations Fritz on a great choice.
While eating our vittles and socializing, good ole Joel had to hassle the waitress and create a stir.  Good ole Kenny Archibald had his hand in it, to create a bigger fuss.  It is a good thing that Jimbo, Lucky Larry and myself kept things well under control with their antics.
After finishing our vittles and filling our once empty tummies we were off and raren to go.  Some of the membership opted to return home and get some chores done, only ole  Joel, Lucky Larry and Cary decided to go to the Sandwich Fair ground motorcycle swap meet.  Jimbo, Bob, Bruce, our guest Tony Dalesandro and yours truly decided that more back road riding was in order.
Jimbo took the lead and I had sweep as we rode south and west.  The further we traveled the darker and cloudy it got.  This time mother nature pulled a dirty trick on us gold wing riders, it started to drizzle, yuk!!  But alas, these goldwings will ride in any weather and handle it very well.  So take that Mr. Weatherman!!
When you ride with Jimbo, be prepared to ride, there is no stopping us now.  Jimbo found all kinds of back roads, that twist, bend and wind in all kinds of directions.  In this case discretion was the better part of valor due to the drizzly weather.  So he opted to head back north and east to avoid the moisture.  Naturally on our way back, does any one care to guess what refreshment we all decided to stop for?  Again, you are right, ICE CREAM.  How original can that be, yum, yum.
On our way home, Jimbo traveled along the Fox River and we headed north.  On a whim, we decided to go by the "Hideaway" restaurant on the Fox.  But getting to it was very tricky, a bit more turns and bends that we had anticipated.  Naturally, we did get lost, but alas, when Jimbo leads, he always find our destination.
This Sunday, 2 June 02, was another great riding day, less the rain of course, but who cares, that is what they make rain gear for, isn't it?  In our travels, we covered on or about 160 safe miles and can not wait until next weekend for more.
Next Sunday, 9 June 02, our chapter is scheduled to ride in a parade, which 200 dollars will be donated to our club for its participation.
So, until next week, lets all be very careful out there when riding our big ole ponies.
To all, have a great week.

Your unruly rep is signing out.  Dick