What's Been "H"appening 06/01/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi All,
Wasn't this an especially beautiful morning?  The sun was shinning, 100% for most of the day.  It was a wee bit chilly this morning, with temps in the mid 40's, but nonetheless a marvelous day.  By the days end, temps would struggle to get to the mid 60's, with a slight chill.
We rough riders met at our usual gathering spot at Mickey D's this morning.  Wow, what a healthy crew showed up on this benevolent day.  Our membership consisted of; shifty Steve & sweet pea Cheryl Roberson, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette Brenton, gentleman George Riebeshl, doctor Cary Levin, lucky Larry Greco, trusty Bruce Hirsch, dancin Dick Sieple, sergeant Russ Prichard, tootin Kirk Huot, major Dan Harris, General Tony Guptaitis, our new guest Kurt Bonus, who just joined us today as a new member, and yours truly.
Our weekly chow run took us to this likes of Tempo restaurant in Waterman, ILL for some fine dining cuisine.  I took the lead and sergeant Russ did the sweep.  Naturally, only the seldom used routes were used with many twists and turns to boot.  This group always takes the dipsy-do routes that has many turns and curves to its final destination, were some fine vittles are served.
Once we arrived about 75 minutes later, management quickly escorted us in the back room so that we can start our weekly socializing and coffee drinking.  So let the shenanigans commence, and did it ever.  Major Dan, general Tony, gentleman George and sergeant Russ were the real rebel rousers.  These guys were wild and wooly -- poor waitresses!  Trusty Bruce, tootin Kirk and myself managed to calm these fellas down.  These guys do not get out too often.  See what a little fresh air and a great ride will do to some of the rough riders.  Those rascals had to be tamed instantly, after that their behavior became impeccable.
Alas, we finally filled our tummies and our hunger growls were satisfied.  Of course, our big ole ponies had to get some much needed nourishment of oats, hay and a great topping of 93 octane boost before our riding could continue.
It tis then, after our great meal, that some of decided that more back road riding will be necessary, so that our ponies could get some much needed exercise after being cooped up in their stables all week.
Some decided that they had to depart for home or had many other chores and places that needed tending too.  The rest of us decided that more cruising will be necessary on this fine Sunday afternoon.  Those who accompanied me for some great riding were; shifty Steve & sweet pea Cheryl, gentleman George, lucky Larry, dancin Dick, sergeant Russ, tootin Kirt, and this unruly rep.
So its off we go, hi ho , hi ho, time's-a-waste'n -- lets go!  No more city dude living for these rough riders.  We mounted our ponies and promenaded south, way south were all the fine paved roads were at our disposal.  Our direction turned us to a westerly direction to West Brooklyn and towards the Amboy area.  It is there were a fuel and refreshment stop became necessary.  Our direction took us in a northwestly direction through the town of Dixon, ILL.  Our travels continued north on Ill route 26, those squirrelly roads can take us any where, we finally ended up in "White Plains state park" were we enjoyed a much needed rest stop and stretching of the legs.  The swagger and the camaraderie amongst us was at its finest.  After departing the park, guess were we headed for?  Give up?  Okay, everyone guest right again.  An ICE CREAM STOP!!  What else?  There is a place in Oregon, ILL were we pay homage for some fine dipping of that creamy white stuff.  YUM-YUM  -- our tummies were happy.  After that, its homeward bound.  The wings rides again, tally-ho, and away we go!  Ahoy matey, lets ride.  Our ponies kept kicking up their hoofs just wishing for more exercise, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
And what a beautiful day it was, the fresh air was clear and crisp.  What more could us motorcyclist ask for -- it just does not get any better than this.  The weatherman and good Lord sure did cooperate with us outdoorsman today.  There were many more motorcyclist out and about just enjoying this fine weather.
The group that I had the pleasure of riding with today, is as good as it gets.  All of us were in motorcycle heaven, a real motorcyclist's delight.
At the end of our great ride, we covered 210 very safe miles.  How sweet it is!!  Yeah, baby!
Until next week, please be very careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down.
Your unruly rep,