What's Been "H"appening 05/26/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
     How is everyone doing on this fine Sunday, 26 May 02?  For those of you who did not attend Honda of Des Plaines annual cook out in Shabbona, Ill missed a great time.  The fee for this cook out was $20 per motorcycle and all proceeds went to the "Ride for Kids" fund.
Our chapter arrived at Mickey D's about 0830hrs this morning so we all could travel together to Des Plaines Honda.  Our members included Malcom & Chris Irwin with their daughter Kirsty, Bruce Hirsch, Joel Gyurnek, Mike Matrich, Bob Sample, Cary Levin, dancin' Dick Sieple, Steve & Cheryl Roberson, sergeant Russ Prichard, Lucky Larry Greco, and our guest George Riebesehl and of course yours truly.
I took the lead and we promptly arrived before 0930hrs just in time to sign in and take the route to the cook out in Shabbona state park forest preserve.  Jimbo Garner joined us at Honda.  After much socializing and coffee drinking we decided to depart for the cook out.  The weather was perfect, sunny and cool.  It just does not get much better than this.  The weather man and the good Lord sure cooperated with us today.
Jimbo took the lead and I was the sweep.  The ride there was about 85 miles through the highways and back roads of Illinois.  Our arrival was on or about 1230hrs.  Once there, we joined many from other motorcycle clubs plus the management of Honda who put on this great cook out.  Steve Orlich from Des Plaines Honda was primarily responsible for putting this together.  Once there, we were able to fill out tummies with hot dogs and brats  with all the trimmings and soft drinks.  What a great time, with excellent weather conditions.  Afterwards, there were prizes giving away from Des Plaines Honda to which they were very generous.
But alas, when all was done, some of our group decided to continue on and do some back road ridin'.  Jimbo Garner took the lead and I had sweep.  Of those who joined in were assist rep Joel Gyurnek, Cary Levin, sergeant Russ Prichard, Lucky Larry Greco, and our guest George Riebesehl.  So its off we go, our big ole ponies were rarin' to go.  Before the day was finished we put on or about 290 safe miles of good quality riding.  Those big ole gold wings love to travel and fun it was.
As we departed, Jimbo took us out U.S. 30 west to Ill 251 north to Rochelle, Ill and west on Flagg road to Ill route 2, then we headed north to Oregon, Ill.  We then proceeded  west to "White Pines State Park".  We all took a refreshment break and time to walk around and stretch our legs.  Naturally, socializing is a must.  On or about 1535hrs we headed out towards the Rockford area.  Our route took us along Ill route 2 north along the Rock River through Byron, Ill.  As we circled south of Rockford and around their airport, I will give you  3 guesses as to what our destination would be.  Yep, you are right, -- it is an ICE CREAM stop, what else?  So we proceeded south to Ill route 72 and then east to Genoa, Ill were our ice cream was waiting for us, yummy, yummy.  After much socializing and munching on our refreshments our departure was soon immanent.  So its off we go on our big ole ponies just kicking up our tires and heels.  Jimbo again, lead us all the way home.  We stayed on 72 east to U.S. 20 east and eventually all arrived home safe and sound and wishing that this day would never end.  What a wonderful day.  This is one of the best riding days we had in several Sundays past.
I hope that each and everyone who did not attend our ride today, also had a great day, because it was darn beautiful outside.
Until the next time, please be especially careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down and of course the shinny plastic side up.

Thank you from the unruly rep.
Dick Scalpone