What's Been "H"appening 05/18/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi everyone,
Wasn't today a great weather day.  Bright and early this morning, the sun was shinning, with cool to moderate temperatures.  Absolutely fantastic riding weather.  The weatherman sure cooperated with us today.
I left the house about 0800hrs to converge at our rendezvous point at Mickey D's.  Wow, what a crowd that assembled today.  Our rough riders consisted of; professor Damien Shelton, sergeant Russ Prichard, Kirk Huot, dancing Dick Sieple, jumpin Joe Hughes, whispering Joe Mendoza, major Dan Harris, gentleman George Riebesehl, rov'n Robert Sample, smiley John Francis, jungle Jim Lamontagna, trusty Bruce Hirsch and yours truly.
Our fine dining cuisine would take us to the Machine Shed in Rockford, ILL.  It is there that we would pay homage to some great vittles and much needed socializing.  I took the lead, and took the most direct route there.  Our crew members were too hungry to dilly-dally around.  However, we all had to feed our ponies with some fine oats and hay, and of course some great 93 octane chaser for their cruising needs.
Upon arrival, we put our ponies in the corral by the shade for some great needed rest.  Once seated, the shenanigans commenced, pour the coffee!!  Yes siree, we all had something to say after a week of no riding.
But alas, once our tummies were filled, and our hunger satisfied, it was time to move on.  Most of the rough riders had to depart for home for some much needed chores, while others had places to go.  Only three of us decided to continue on for more back road riding.  Gentleman George, professor Damien and yours truly continued to give our ponies much needed exercise.
So it is away we go, hi ho, hi ho, the wing rides again, tally-ho.  Ahoy matey, lets ride were the cries of our rough riders.  I took the lead, and headed slightly north, but way west, even further west.  Our route was U.S. 20 to Illinois route 2, we turned south to Byron, ILL were we joined Ill route 72 and went even further west to a small town of Forreston, ILL.  It is there were we picked up Ill route 26 and turned south and eventually joined U.S. ROUTE 52.  I managed to stay on the well paved back roads, which was excellent traveling and riding conditions.  We eventually went through Dixon and Mendota, ILL.  It is there were we took a much needed potty stop.  Naturally our ponies needed refreshments.  It is time to depart, and continue on to some great riding.  Naturally, after picking up U.S. route 34 and headed east bound, what do you suppose we were looking for?  Does anyone care to guess?  Yep, you are right, an ice cream stop.  Professor Damien, suggested a nice place, "yum, yum ice cream parlor".  I am sorry to say, no one did any dancing today.  Their behavior was impeccable, no thanks to this rep.
Remember, nothing rides like a wing, a Goldwing, the real motorcycle.  Our ponies did manage to kick up their hoofs and the exercise was a plenty.  So until next week, lets be particularly careful out there.  Everyone, have a great week.
We managed to cruise on or about 235 safe miles today.  It just does not get any better than this, even though it did get mighty cloudy by the tail end of the day.
Your unruly rep,