What's Been "H"appening 05/05/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
     How is everyone doing today?  I hope each and everyone of you had an excellent weekend.  Yesterday on Sunday, 5 May 02, our state director Russ Densmore, put on an excellent state observation run.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  The good Lord and the weatherman sure cooperated with us yesterday.  It just does not get any better than this, wow!!
There were approximately 40-45 motorcycles present.  This was for all the chapters in Illinois.  Chapters A, D, G, and H all had members that showed up.
Naturally, Russ and Wanda Densmore were there, along with Roz Lange from chapter A.  Roz and her husband rode together on her gold wing.  Wayne Aten from chapter D, Ron Schmidt from chapter G, and of course yours truly from the best chapter in Illinois, chapter H.  There was also many members from the other chapters of A, D, G many of whom I do not know.  However, our chapter H was well represented by many.  As I kept track, there were:  Les Chapman, Bev Markward, Jose & Ana Delvalle, Fritz & Carol Goins, Lucky Larry Greco, Bruce Hirsch, Larry Lucht, Charlie & Marla  Mallett, Jasper Passalacqua, Charlie & Melinda Piper, Sergeant Russ Prichard, Steve & Cheryl Roberson, Robert Sample, Professor Damien Shelton, Dancin' Dick Sieple, and of course, yours truly.  I sure hope I did not miss any names, but a great time was had by all.  Ole Joel Gyurnek and I set the route up with 11 observation signs and many turns and curves along the Illinois back roads which lead to about 76 miles of great traveling.  The other chapter reps and the state director did a great job in setting up at the finish point in the Illinois state park facilities, located on the far north end of the Illinois-Wisconsin boarder line off of route 173, just east of Wilmont road.  Refreshments and good vitals were provided aplenty.
Then of course the drawings were made.  Russ did change the customary 50/50 to 33 and a third so there could be two money winners instead of just one.  Pat Ciston, donated several gifts to be properly distributed among the lucky winners.
But alas, does anybody care to guess who won a multitude of gifts?  For those who are not aware of him, its Lucky Larry Greco does it again. (He always comes away fully loaded).  He did mention to me, that it is a good thing ole Joel was not present, because he would have to share it with him.  Lucky Larry and ole Joel always win everything.
There were several people who were very observant on spotting all of the observations signs and knowing how many were on the left and on the right side.  Among the ole eagle eyes were Melinda Piper, nothing gets past her.  Her husband Chuck, always has to be on his toes, she lets nothing get past her eyes.  She had all the right answers and the tie breakers.
What more could any one ask for, the weather was perfect, the runs was great, (nobody complained), and the socializing at the end was wonderful.  The camaraderie amongst us motorcyclists was excellent.  A great time was had by all.
One more reminder, do not forget to visit our web site.
Until next time, have a great week everyone.  And for all of you mothers out there, have a great day next Sunday, 12 May.
Everyone, please lets be especially careful out there on our motorcycles.  Remember, rubber side down and plastic side up.

Thank you from the unruly rep.
Dick Scalpone