What's Been "H"appening 04/27/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi everyone,
    Today was one of the best riding days of this year so far.  The weather was perfect, 100% sunshine, very clear and crisp, with temperatures to start off at about 51 degrees. The best is yet to come, by this afternoon it will have reached the mid 70's.  How about that for a weekly chow run.
By 0850hrs, our rough riders where all gathering at Mickey D's this morning for one fine riding day.  It just does not get any better than this.  The weatherman and the good Lord sure did cooperate with us motorcyclists and outdoors man today.
    Our motley crew consisted of; Dean & Miriam Gillman, sergeant Russ Prichard, jungle Jim Lamontagna, trusty Bruce Hirsch, wild Bill Lobianco, shifty Steve & sweet pea Cheryl Roberson, professor Damien Shelton, jumping Joe Hughes, smiley John Francis, doctor Cary Levin, rov'n Robert Sample, gentleman George Riebesehl, sir Malcom & Christine Irwin and their lovely daughter Kirsty, also JoAnn, my wife and yours truly.
So it is off we go, hi ho, hi ho and away we go.  Our fine dining cuisine would take us into Genoa, ILL at the Spring Cove restaurant.  Naturally, we only took the zig zag and squirrelly routes.  Our ponies were sure excited about getting their much needed exercise for the week.  After all, they were cooped up in their stables all week with little or nothing to do.  So we owners did our very best to accommodate their needs.
I took the lead and sergeant Russ did the sweep.  Wow what a crew we had today.  After 70 or so minutes of traveling we finally arrived with our tummies growling and on empty.  But first we had to feed our ponies some nourishment of great oaks, hay and 93 octane boost for some lengthy running time.
    Alas, we finally arrived, and were promptly seated at the long rectangular table were some fine vittles were served.  Bon appetit!!  Let the socializing begin, pour the coffee!!  Let the shenanigans commence.  The camaraderie amongst this group is the finest in the mid west of American Gold Wing riders. Much needed nourishment was essential with chit chatting to boot. Alas, our departure was soon imminent, our ponies were laying in wait at the corral, in a shaded area ready to go, lets rock 'n roll.  We soon mounted our big ole wings and more riding was soon to come.
    Our Sunday rough riders consisted of; Sergeant Russ, jungle Jim, wild Bill, shifty Steve & sweet pea Cheryl, jumpin' Joe, smiley John, doctor Cary, rov'n Robert, gentleman George, JoAnn and yours truly.  The remainder of our group had other places to go and things to attend to.
So it off we go, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go.  I took the lead and headed west, way west, eventually turning south and then further west, taking only the seldom used routes.  Our ponies were in motorcycle heaven because our chit chatting finally came to a halt. Our direction took us through Oregon, ILL and further, until we hook up with IL route 26 and turned in a northerly direction towards the Freeport, ILL area.  Our heading eventually started to turn east towards the Rockford area and then the back squirrelly roads finally kicked in, but nonetheless, our ponies started to yell "we need more octane boost" so a fuel and potty stop was soon needed.  Folks, by this time the dancing troops were really feeling their oats.  The best is yet to come!!  It is at this time were the dancers started to kick up their hoofs.  Although their behavior was impeccable they just had to perform.  Needless to say, their performance was the best ever.  Jumpin' Joe did his finest moves of the "shake -- rattle -- and roll, smiley John showed everyone a thing or two with his famous moon walk and "the twist".  And not to be out done gentleman George had to show his new steps to "the Charleston".  No doubt about it, these guys are the finest dancers in the mid-west, very entertaining.  Those 3 rascals got the attention of the many who passed by as on lookers.
    Well its time we go, tally-ho and away we go!  After all, nothing rides like a wing, a Gold Wing, the REAL motorcycle.  Our direction took us due east and eventually homeward bound.  Let me say this folks, it is a real pleasure riding with these guys.  They have a habit of making it a real fun and enjoyable day to say the least.  We all had a very enjoyable and safe riding day.  We covered on or about very safe 215 miles.
Until next time, lets be especially careful out there.  For those four wheelers are forever lurking around every corner.  Keep the rubber side down and the plastic side up.
That's all folks,
your unruly rep,