What’s Been “H”appening April 23rd, 2006

by Chris Irwin, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H


It was a great day today.  The forecast was perfect.  As many of you may have noticed, I have not been around for a while.  I have not been feeling myself and on Saturday I decided I had to drag myself out of it and get the bike out. It’s not been out so far this year.

There was a great crowd at Mickey D’s today.  Our dinning expedition was to Hampshire, Spring Garden restaurant.  Cary took the lead followed by Roy on his sidecar, Trudy on her trike, DreamCatcher, Joe W. on his Harley, Chris riding her trike, Freebird, Malcolm  with Kirsty in sidecar, riding Mr. Lucky, Bob riding his wing, Bob S. riding his wing, Damien with daughter Becca on the green wing, Gentleman George on his silver Goldwing, and finally, Ed on his seafoam wing.


It took about forty five minutes to get to the restaurant and the socializing began.  Today, there were separate tables, so we all went into small groups.  On our table was Damien, Ed, Malcolm and Chris, Becca nad Kirsty had the table behind us so they could chat their way and we could all talk together.  Breakfast was good although for once I was still hungry.  I could have eaten a horse today, but time was a waistin’ so it was off, off, off we go.  Most went home to complete chores but fortunately for us, we had caught up so had time to play.  There was a swap meet being held in Woodstock, so George, Bob, Malcolm, Chris and Kirsty went off to investigate.  The weather was perfect riding weather. Not too hot or too cold.  The winds gusted well and we had to hang on to those big ol machines but we managed.  Woodstock was absolutely crawling with bikes. The Harley dealer was having an open day as well as the swap meet.  There were bikes everywhere.


The swap meet held a lot of junk as usual but walking around and not spending money can be fun.  The bike show was interesting.  I was pretty sure the bike claiming to be the Mike Hailwood ‘s racing bike was a fake, but who knows, or even cares?  It was pretty cool, so long as you weren’t buying it of course!

Anyway, safe riding everyone. 

See you soon