What's Been "H"appening 04/18/04
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
What a beautiful day it was today.  The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing with heavy gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour and the early morning temps were in the low 60's.  And the temps were surely rise into the mid 80's.  Man, it just does not get any better than this.  What more could an outdoorsman or a motorcyclist ask for?  How sweet it is!!
Anyway, our jubilant members of chapter H, rendezvoused at Mickey D's this morning at our usual time.  Wow--what a crowd we had today.  Our membership consisted of doctor Cary Levin and son Matt riding FLIM-FLAM, professor Damien Shelton with daughter Becky riding GREEN BACKS, iron Mike Matich riding TOM CAT, general Tony Guptaitis riding CAST-A-WAY, wild Bill LoBianco riding MIGHTY MO, lucky Larry Greco riding MONEY BAGS, rovin' Robert Sample riding OLD TIMER, jumpin Joe Hughes riding THE GREAT ONE (he has an ST1100), sergeant Russ Prichard riding RED DEVIL, gentleman George Riebesehl riding SILVER STREAK, crusty Gregg French riding SLOW POKE, trusty Bruce Hirsch riding BULLDOG, fast Eddie Bowser riding SHOT GUN and of course, yours truly.
The place selected for our fine dining cuisine for our Sunday morning vittles was "R-Place" in Morris, ILL.  We paid homage to this place which is a big truck stop restaurant in the far southwest suburbs. 
I took the lead and sergeant Russ did his usual fine job of the sweep.  Naturally, I only took the routes that were seldom used, back roads galore.  It was easily distinguishable due to little or no road kill that our ponies did not like because of their traction and good footing.  But first we must feed our ponies some real fine 93 Octane with oats and hay for a great chaser. 
In route, the winds were gusting big time, it actually took your breath away.  We all eventually arrived about 1030hrs and were promptly seated at the rectangular table for much needed socializing and great chit chatting.  As our seating was taking place, the waitress was pouring that much needed java.  Let the kabitzing commence, and did it ever.  The shenanigans amongst this group was as feisty as ever. 
Our tummies were growling by this time, but nonetheless, vittles were finally served--bon appetit.  Needless to say, general Tony just had to get up and entertain us with his fine singing.  He actually sounds good.  The entire restaurant was focused on him, he knows how to carry a tune.  After he finally settled down it was time to depart and mount our ponies for some much needed exercise.  After all, our mounts were cooped up in their corrals all week with no exercise.  So its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, ahoy matey lets getty-up and go and promenade into the wild blue yonder.  Our ponies were itching to kick up their hoofs.  No more huppen 'n hollarin, shucken 'n jiven or city dude living for us. 
As we departed, our destination was "J.C. WHITNEY" a motorcycle warehouse chocked full of goodies which is located near the LaSalle, Peru, ILL area.  We went west on I-80 to Illinois route 23 and south to U.S. 6 and west to J.C. WHITNEY.  Let me tell you folks, the wind was very gusty, these 900 pound ponies were being blown all over the road on a east-west direction.  On a north-south direction, there was no problems. 
After we left JC WHITNEY, we headed out for "Starved Rock" which is just off the Illinois river in a big state park.  The roads were winding and curving every which way, with the winds it did in fact test one's skills.  But alas, we finally arrived, and our jubilant membership finally converged at the Lodge for refreshments and a potty break.  The wind gusts really took its toll on us, we all had a hard time catching our breath.  After 30 minutes or so, our departure was soon imminent, and its homeward bound we go.  As long as we were traveling in a north-south direction, wind was not a problem because it was coming directly out of the south.  Once we turned to an easterly direction, wow--hold on for dear life, these ponies were being pushed all over the place.  Nonetheless, our safe driving habits conquered all, and our infinite wisdom prevailed. 
We were passing through the town of DeKalb, ILL and does any one care to guess what our next stop would be?  Yup--you are right!! ICE CREAM--what else!!  As we were proceeding north on route 23, low and behold, trusty Bruce started to sing at a stop light, because he felt VIGOROUS and ENCHANTING and loaded with song.  How embarrassing, all of the motorists were looking at him.  I tell ya, you can't take him anywhere. Everyone denied he was with us. It is a good thing the head matriarch--jumping Joe was next to trusty Bruce, because he was the only one who could control the "wild one". 
Alas, after all this was said and done, and it was well past mid day, our direction took us homeward bound.
Let me tell you folks, this is the finest bunch of riders that this chapter rep has the pleasure of riding with.  These characters make it a very interesting day.  One never knows what might happen or who will do what??  The camaraderie amongst this group is second to none.  Once we all get together, anything might happen and everything goes--no holds barred. 
As usual, this was another great riding Sunday afternoon.  A Day well spent with the best chapter in the AGWA organization.  And it is a pure pleasure to be with these guys.
Our travels took us 190 miles of very safe driving.
So until next time, lets all be especially careful out there.  For those four wheelers are forever lurking around us--be aware!!
Your unruly rep,