What's Been "H"appening 04/15/02
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H
Hi all,
  How is everyone doing on this fine Monday?  I hope everyone is in great spirits due to this sunny day.  Yesterday, Sunday, 14 Apr 02, was a great riding day.  There was a huge crew that met at Mickey D's for a breakfast run.  The temperatures were in the mid 50's, the sun was shinning beautifully and we were all raren to go.  Of the many that showed up were, Bruce Hirsch, Les Chapman, Mark and Paulette Brenton, Cary Levinski, our new member Jim Lamontagna, Mike Matich, Jay, Fritz and Carol Goins, Bob Sample, Bill LoBianco, Eddie Bowser, our guest George Riebesehl, Jose & Ana Delvalle,  lucky Larry Greco, Steve & Cheryl Roberson, and probably a few that I forgot to mention (sorry about that).  Anyway, we all mounted our big ole ponies, and headed out into two groups.  Fritz lead one group and yours truly lead another group, taking different routes of course.  Our ultimate destination was "Gramma's restaurant" in Belvedere or the "Machine shed" in Rockford, Ill.  My group arrived at Gramma's first, Fritz's group had not arrived as yet.  I guess my back road trip was a little shorter than his.  After waiting for about 10 minutes or so, we determined that maybe Fritz's group might have gone ahead to the Machine Shed instead.  So off we went to the Machine shed in Rockford.  By the time we arrived there, Fritz's group had not showed up as yet.  They decided to eat at Gramma's instead.  But alas, when arriving at the Machine shed, our state director and his lovely wife, Russ and Wanda Densmore were already there with chapter D and several others.  So naturally, we had to hassle those folks for just a little bit while we were waiting to be seated in another area of the restaurant.  Meanwhile, Les Chapman who was riding with Fritz's group decided to join us (we are the good guys).
So our group decided to fill our very hungry tummies and join in on some socializing.  With us were, Bruce, Les, Cary, Mike, Jay, Eddie, Bill, George, Jim, Jose & Ana, and yours truly.  After eating some good vittles some of the troupes decided to head for home and do their family chores.  Meanwhile, Eddie, Bill, George, Cary and our newest member Jim, and me, decided to do some heavy duty riding on the back roads of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.
But first, we decided to go back to Gramma's restaurant and see if Fritz's group was still there, but to no avail, they all departed, so off we traveled on our big ole ponies. I took the lead and headed north into Wisconsin.  Naturally, only the back roads will do, and I did not get lost once.  We headed towards Lake Delevan, Wisc. and circumvented the lake and stopping by "Millie's" restaurant were they make the best baked pancakes this side of the Mississippi river.  I took the new comers on a tour and showed them all of the little shopping shops which they can spend their money.  Believe it or not, they were impressed.   Time is a wastin', so its off we went and head around Lake Geneva.  Was that town crowded and over loaded with motorcycles.  As we headed south, homeward bound, I will get everyone three guesses as to were we stopped on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  That's right, we headed for our weekly ice cream stop in Hebron, Ill.  The place is called "Ellison's" ice cream parlor.  After we devoured our refreshments, which was about 1630 hrs, its homeward we traveled.
The good Lord and the weather man sure cooperated with us motorcyclist today.  It just does not get any better than this.  Great traveling, wonderful weather and great company.  What more could one ask for?  Oh one more thing, Cary Levinski and his buddy Jim Lamontagna did indeed behave themselves, George, Bill and I made sure of that.
So until next time, lets be particularly careful out there.  Keep the rubber side down and the plastic side up.
Your unruly rep.........Dick

P.S., Ole Joel Gyurnek, Lloyd & Leona Tatman, where were you?