What's Been "H"appening 04/13/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Hi all,
How is everyone doing today, on this fine Monday afternoon?  Wasn't yesterday a great sunny day?  When I left my house it was a wee bit chilly, about 43 degrees, but nonetheless, 100% sunshine, and it does not get any better than this.  Wow, what a great weather day.  A motorcyclist's delight, an outdoorsman's dream.
Anyway, I arrived at Mickey D's about 0845hrs and the gang kept on getting larger and larger.  Our rough riders were plenty in a head count.  These guys were rarin to go, hee haw!!  Our ponies were kicking up their hoofs and riven up their motors, yellin "lets go", "we need some exercise".  We all made sure our ponies got fed some mighty good oaks, made up of 93 octane proof, for a long lasting run.
Our hail and hearty crew members consisted of; major Dan Harris, general Tony Guptaitis, thundering Mark & sweet Paulette Brenton, assist rep ole Joel Gyurnek, lucky Larry Greco, sir Malcom & Christine Irwin and their lovely daughter Kirsty, Kirt Huot, jungle Jim Lamontagna, roven Robert Sample, trusty Bruce Hirsch, doctor Cary & Miss Kitty Levin and their 3 sons, Matt, Russ & Ben,wimpy Les & his brandy new wife, Beverly Chapman, Lloyd & Leona Tatman, our new guests, Mike & Colleen Dotson, wild Bill LoBianco and of course, yours truly.
Our for fine dining cuisine was at the "Spring Cove" family restaurant in Genoa, ILL.  We all mounted our ponies and sounded our horns and booted them in the butt, yes sir, we all got to rockin.  I took the lead, naturally only taking the least used roads -- the back roads.  Normally, it would have been only a 40 minute trip, but I made sure we added some distance and time to our final destination.  All of the roads twisted and turned like a slithering snake.  But alas, our arrival was soon imminent.  These weekly chow runs are as good as it gets.  Us rough riders put our ponies in the coral next to barn were all the shade was.  We demounted them and headed to get some great vittles for our hungry and empty tummies.  We all sat in the back at the rectangle table, from end to end was probably 60 to 80 feet.  We sure had a great crowd.  Pour the coffee and let the kibitzing begin, and it was at its best.  The camaraderie amongst this group is the finest in the world.
Breakfast was finally served, bon appetit!! Time's-a-waste'n, we rough riders must ride, hi ho, hi ho, nothing rides like a wing, a Goldwing, the real motorcycle.  As we rough riders departed the place of nourishment -- to the coral we rendezvoused -- our ponies lay in wait, enough of the chit chatting. Our riding crew consisted of; thundering Mark & sweet Paulette, lucky Larry, assist rep ole Joel, Kirt Huot, rovin Robert, doctor Cary and son Matt, wild Bill LoBianco, guests Mike & Colleen Dotson and of course, yours truly.  The remaining members had opted to go home or had other places to go.
I took the lead, ole Joel with his GPS, did the sweep.  The wing rides again, tally-ho, and away we go.  Our direction took us in a westerly direction and eventually turned into a northwest direction on some of the most squirrelly roads around with many curves and banks to deal with.  Our biggest problem was the loose gravel and sand at the corners, however, we rough riders negotiated them well.  Our efforts, upon me getting lost as usual, did actually end up in "Cheese Land".  All I knew was it was 100% sunshine, and we had all day to fine out were we where.  With Joel's and Larry's GPS, we made it out of the woods.  Our big ole ponies were feeling their oats and screaming for more 93 octane and of course, we all had to empty our bladder so a pit stop was soon imminent.  After we all took care of business and our ponies, it is at that point that ole Joel just had to impress our new guests with his famous "Goldwing Shuffle".  He was sure entertaining!!  Naturally Larry had to do his "Break Dancing", not to be out done.  These two guys can really dance, to say the least. Our ponies were in motorcycle heaven, after being cooped up all week, in the stables, they insisted on more exercise.  So its off we go, hi ho, hi ho, and further we will go!!
Our journey took us further north into cheese land and eventually we circumvented Lake Delevan, Wis, and started our trend homeward bound.  Our direction changed to the south and east through more dipsy-do roads that road like a roller coaster, that our jubilant rough riders were looking for, yes siree, it just does not get any better than this.  The weatherman and the good Lord did cooperate with us today.  What more could any one ask for??  Well, at this time of the day, which was in the mid afternoon, and the temps in the upper 70's, where do you suppose we rough riders headed for??  Give up!!  Okay, our weekly "Ice Cream" stop.  And we needed it!!
We all finally saddled up our ponies and it is off we go, ahoy matey, lets ride!!  Our direction was due south, and I managed to find a few more squirrelly roads that traversed back and forth that were undaunted with all the curves of "Deals Gap" in North Carolina.  And there were a few of them out there, hee haw!! The time and mileage of our weekly travels were absolutely the finest that this chapter rep has to enjoy.  The group that I was with, is absolutely the finest that one could ask for.  Therefore, I was hoping that this day would never end.  Unbeknownst to me, all great things must eventually come to an end.  So to all, I wish them a great day, and a fine week.  To you all, I hope each and everyone of you have a great Easter, next week.
Until next week, lets be really careful out there.
Your unruly rep,