What's Been "H"appening 03/30/03
by Dick Scalpone, AGWA-Illinois Chapter H

Well folks, how is every one today?  Great, I hope!!
What a day it was today.  When I left this morning for our rendezvous point at good ole Mickey D's, it was a clear, crisp, bone chilling 33 degrees outside.  However, this sun was shinning, 100% -- bright, clear blue skies.  With the wind chill, it became a real eye opener, and enough to get the cob webs out of your head.  I had on my good ole snowmobile suit, with all of its trimmings for warmth as necessary, with thermal everything underneath.
Our rough riders consisted of; Lucky Larry Greco, assistant rep - ole Joel Gyurnek, trusty Bruce Hirsch and of course, yours truly.
Bruce was the only one with four wheels.  The three amigos were on our trusty ponies.  Our selection for fine dining cuisine was in West Chicago, at the "Sandpipers" family restaurant.
As the four of us departed, I took the lead and headed south and west towards our destination to promptly fill our empty tummies.  As the four of us were quickly seated, then the kibitzing began as the coffee was being poured.  The shenanigans amongst us -- were at its finest hour.  One good joke and wise crack after another.  Ole Joel was feeling his oats, lucky Larry was flexing his muscles and trusty Bruce was our matriarch who kept everything under control and in perspective.
But alas, it's time to get going, hi ho, hi ho, and away we go.  Our big ole ponies were in the local coral and just itchin to ride on this crisp, cool Sunday morning.  These big ole ponies needed much exercise.
Our patriarch, lucky Larry, said tally-ho, it is a forward we will go!!  Ole Joel yelling out "ahoy matey, lets ride."  We all fed our ponies their necessary morning oats with 93 octane boost and they just wanted to eat up the road and do a mega marathon.
I took the lead, we started to head west, way out west, turning south and continuing in westerly direction through the small towns of Big Rock, Hinckley, Waterman, ILL.  I decided to take our happy crew on some fine dipsy-do roads, with twists and rotational turns in both directions.  He-haw, no more "city dude living" for us.  Eventually changing directions to a northwesterly towards to moderate size town of Dixon, ILL and heading straight north towards Freeport, ILL.  After which, our ponies were screaming at us, "we need more oats and hay with 93 octane boost".   Actually, we troops needed a potty and a refreshment break, so be it.
Well after filling our essential needs, ole Joel and lucky Larry decided to put on a little demonstration of their newest rendition of the "goldwing scuffle" and "break dancing".  Let me tell you folks, these two are absolutely the finest dancers that I have come to know.  They are a real tribute to our chapter.  These two are as good as they come--real troopers.  I took pictures to prove it, just ask me.
Nonetheless, our travels continued in a easterly direction towards Rockford, ILL and then we eventually kicked off the larger roads and onto the less frequently little used roads.  Those back roads are a dream come true.  Larry & I could easily see ole Joel plotting his "Christmas in July" poker run course, using these twisty and curvy roads, which bend every which way but loose. His brain was working overtime, with great assertion.  In our travels, we eventually snaked and slither our way south and east, homeward bound.  Due to the cool and crisp air, NO ICE CREAM stop was to have taken place.
Yes siree, Joel and Larry and as tough as nails, these guys are a pleasure to ride with, they are always "good to go" and they never say NO.  In our fine travels, of safe and adventurous riding, we covered about 210 glorious miles.  It just does not get any better than this.  What more could one ask for?  The weatherman, and the good Lord sure did cooperate with us today.  The fresh air was over whelming, to say the least.
So until next time, lets be very cautious out there, fore those 4 wheelers are lurking everywhere.
Your unruly rep,